Bus Pass – October 1945



An interesting old paper item that I turned up while combing through the archives here at IM.com world headquarters… A scan of the front and back of a monthly pass for the buses during WWII. An interesting bit of local history, probably not too many of these survived…

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  1. mitch where you aware that the SW&A had bus passes i 1945? If you didn’t then you learned about Windsor history today.

  2. @ Mitch… I find all the posts interesting! Also, I find the comments are equally interesting, and even sometimes comical. Keep them coming.

  3. I concur, this site is the best no matter what is posted, its all new and interesting, always check in to see what new and old.

  4. Haven’t lived in Windsor for over 40 yrs., but this site makes me smile each and every day. First thing I read in the morning and last thing at night. Have gone through every item in your archives. Some subjects more interesting than others, but they are all interesting. Please accept my thanks and encouragement for all your great work.

  5. ok sorry, I just miss the pictures comparing older sites to what they look like now and that kind of stuff. Always surprised me.

  6. I hear you Mitch. There is still countless of history to cover in this city and county.
    This site has lots of potential to display tons more stuff.

  7. I remember those passes…used them going back and forth to school. The St. Mary’s bus took us into the bus terminal where we then used SW&A buses. I remember the name “Furlong.” His children went to SMA, I think.

  8. There is a ton of history in this region. Sadly it isn’t easy find due to the state of the archives (not the Friends of the Archives fault)and the time it takes to research and find pictures or items. The city hasn’t cared for our historical archives ever. In fact, we have some of the poorest records in Ontario. Add to it the fact that we have nearly leveled our entire historical properties; it makes what Andrew does even that much more impressive.

    Keep up the great (and might I add payless) work Andrew!

  9. I remember riding the Tec-Droulard route downtown as a very young child with my mother and being intrigued by the people who got on the bus but did not make the normal rather loud noise of coins clanging into the box. Thanks for the memories. I also recall that the bus on Parent Avenue was a stick shift.

  10. Swing and Sway with S.W.& A. My husband worked at the car barns right after the war ended and then in the new location …I think it was on Argyle Rd,? We were m
    arried the same year…1945.

  11. I’ve been wondering if there was any pictures of the old streetcars that used to go through Tecumseh down Lesperance. It’s been bugging me for years that I can’t find any!

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