Norton Palmer Demolition – 1975

Today’s photo comes to us from regular reader Rick N., who shot this picture from his office at work back in the day.

The caption reads:

    “Smashing of the Norton Palmer from the 8th floor of the Security Building – Oct 21 / 75”

A neat shot, one that you don’t see very often. Such a shame that Windsor lost all its historic hotels. Thanks again to Rick for passing along this neat photo to share.

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  1. End of an era. Great memories of an intimate little bar in the southeast corner of the hotel (what was the name of that place?) where the downtown denizens could scoff a great little meat pie lunch and cop a buzz before returning to afternoon drudgery. Notable by their absences in this photo are the original St. Alphonsus elementary school – the parking lot at southeast corner of Park and Pelissier – and the old Carnegie Library, SE corner of Park and Victoria (at least there’s still a bit of grass and a few trees there). I can still hear the creak of the old wood floors there and fondly remember a certain navy blue sweater worn by one of the young librarians. Her hair was blond. Great contrast.

  2. Great photo by Rick indeed. My father’s office was in Suite 808 of the Security Building, overlooking the intersection of Pelissier and University, and it had the same southerly view. Can anyone remind me what building that was just north of the Norton Palmer Hotel? Its roof would suggest an arena or a theatre, but I can’t remember such a facility located there. Andrew, it is unseen gems like this photo that make your site worth visiting often.

  3. That is the roof of the Capitol Theatre.

    Looking at that pciture at least we dont have as many surface lots as we did at that time. Some of our councillors of the past need to hang their heads in shame, if they are still alive. They butchered the downtown.

  4. Hello Are you sure that the demolition was in 75 I went to the auction of all the items left such as beds pictures lamps we went to try and get the stained glass windows that were in the bar alas they went way to high for our budget at the time. It was held in the Norton Palmer in Oct of 76, my husband and I spent the entire day there and there were some lovely things auctioned I wonder were they are now?

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