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  1. Neat postcard.

    I’m leaning towards this actually being a photograph of Straith Park, at the corner of Campbell and Riverside. Possibly, the picture was taken somewhere in the alley, near where it bends south. Also, the way the blur of buildings in Detroit in the postcard seem to rise in height to the right, puts it more in the Campbell area. There’s also a jungle gym in the center of the park on a circle of dirt, which is probably the site of that fountain.

    I looked into the park history. In 1963 it was named after Ward 4 Alderperson Cathrine Straith. Loooooooong time residents will still refer to it as Riverview park, which early records indicate it was informally called previously. Maybe the title on the postcard is a mistake?

  2. Hmmmmm…….it says the property wasn’t seriously considered by the city for purchase until 1913, and was purchased in 1917. It was however called Riverview park, prior to the turn of the century. So, there has been a park there for a very long time.

  3. Is that a fountain I see? Really? Did we actually have more than 2 fountains in the city at that time? It sure would be nice if we had more of them throughout the city and even on the waterfront.
    There is so much talk about trying to connect the riverfront parklands to downtown…what better way than to add fountains throughout the core area? How about a nice median with a fountain on University Ave? How about one next to the Aquatics centre just to start?

  4. I wonder if they could ever start up the Victoria fountain within the gates of Wilistead again? It’s a terrible shame it doesn’t work.

  5. Anything is possible, Shawn. Another I’d like to see working is the Boer War memorial fountain in Jackson park, which used to sit outside of the post office. There’s no reason that can’t be done, being so close to the pond.

  6. The design for swing sets hasn’t changed in 100 years (I think that’s what that is on the left side). I wonder if any in the city are that old?

  7. I’m not sure. Wigle park, on Erie and McDougall, is the oldest official park in the city (1906) and it has a pretty old looking swing set. I suppose it could be from anytime, but it sure looks like it still has some good oldfashioned blue, red, and yellow lead paint on it that’s all chipped to hell. lol


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