The Municipal Courts Building – 1955

Today we take a look at the old Municipal Courts Building. Built in 1955 and designed by Sheppard & Masson. Sheppard & Masson would also design the new City Hall that was erected the next year in 1956.

A copy of the ad that appeared in the Windsor Daily Star – June 26, 1955, inviting the general public to come tour the new facility.

    Under the supervision of Art Teacher Mr. Bruce Kalbfleisch, students of Marlborough Public School are preparing a 12 foot long mural for the new municipal courts building. Seen working of the canvas are, left to right, Camille Watson, Andy Small, Jim Ebbey, Mr. Kalbfleisch and Carol Koval. The oil painting depicts Windsor’s past and present. It will be ready for hanging in about two weeks.

    The wide glass partition at the main entrance of the new Windsor court building adds an impressive touch to the ultra-modern structure to be opened Monday. In the photo [above] Miss Beverly Russelo, 619 Alexandrine, left and Miss Angie Marinelli, 769 Brant, smile approvingly at the new portals.

    Canada’s coat-of-arms decorating the wall of one of the offices is admired by Miss Marinelli, left, and Miss Russelo. Both girls are clerk stenographers at the court house. At left is the Ontario coat-of-arms and at right that of Quebec.

    Photo [above] is of the court room which will be used by Magistrate Angus W. McMillan. Mayor Michael J. Patrick is seated on the bench and Lt.-Col. G. Y. Masson of the architectural firm of Sheppard and Masson, stands by the clerk’s desk. The panel behind the bench is still to be finished. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will be placed on the wall.

    In the [above] picture Mayor Patrick, who serves as a member of the Police Commission, is shown in the new home of the clerk of city court and his staff. The new furnishings are modern and well designed.

This building was around until the early/late 1990’s? Anyone remember exactly when it came down? I remember visiting it in law class in High School. A nice mid-century design.

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  1. Andrew, I usually enjoy mid-century modern architecture… This however, does little for me. If it was design to intimidate the user.. I’m sure it did the trick.

  2. Only problem with mid century architecture and furnishings, are that they are not timeless such as designs made in the 1880s…
    I could sit at a desk made in 1880, in a building built in 1880 and be quite content, and look prestigious!
    If I sat at a desk made in 1955 in a building built in 1955, I’d be severely depressed.

  3. Nice the way they provide the “girls” adress for the public, no respect for privacry.
    As for the building it was to be modern and efficent, not a museum piece, if it was from the eighteen eighties it would be torn down.

  4. There used to be a long underground tunnel that went from the police station across the street to the courthouse at the end of that tunnel was alarge holding cell prisoners were detained there until their names wee called to appear in front of the judge

  5. Small, windowless courtrooms, dark hallways, inaccessible layout. An absolutely terrible courthouse. The only worse one in Ontario is Milton.

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