Wyandotte and Lincoln – 1929

From the Border Cities Star – February 7, 1929: (Thanks to regular reader Mike F. for pointing out this photo to me…)

    This view of Wyandotte street, Walkerville, looking east from the Windsor boundary, shows the town’s principal business district. On either side of the street is lined with flourishing, progressive business establishments that are second to none in the Border Cities. Stores of practically every kind are to be found on this busy thoroughfare.

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This is one of the few “then and now” type shots that still have recognizable buildings 83 years later. Thank goodness for Walkerville.

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7 Comments on Wyandotte and Lincoln – 1929

  1. Recognizable yes, but far from the glory they once were.
    Why does ‘progress’ make buildings uglier? More bland, gets rid of details…
    It’s so annoying.

  2. Windsor . . . Stuccoville! . . . Worse than what Stephen Colbert called it. Or maybe he designated it as such because of the stucco. Stucco does look like a slathering associated with what he was talking about.

  3. not to get off topic but i guess everyone heard the city bought the old Grace Hospital and intend the knock it down looks like another parking lot on the horizon… great photo of old Walkerville that part of town really seems to be taking off i’ll bet the DWBIA wishs the core would do that

  4. I bet teh DWBIa wishes it had old buildings with owners who cared…like Walkerville. But they too have succumbed to the stucco craze.

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