801 Victoria Ave – Kennedy House – 1913

From the Evening Record – July 4, 1913:

    The above is a photo of the new residence of Mr. W.C. Kennedy, corner of Victoria avenue and Elliott street. It is erected at a cost of about $20,000 and is one of the most modern and up-to-date houses in the city. The brick is laid in flemish bond, tile roof and solid walls. The interior finish is of hardwood, with electric lighting, hot water heating.

The house built in 1912 and designed by Gilbert Jacques still stands today…

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… although there have been some very unsympathetic additions over the years…

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Too bad the Tigers came up short.

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  1. Well despite the additions this building still looks pretty good for a 100 year old brick structure. At least it has not been covered over with vinyl siding or that dreaded stucco!!
    As for the Tigers, it is one thing to lose the series but to be swept is something else.

  2. I agree JMB. At least the brick matches so it’s not too jarringly different! If the windows matched a little better it would create a nicer look……BUT….it’s still here, recognizable and in good shape.

  3. Well, to each his own. Pretty ugly if you ask me. Not surprised that its still standing, there’s some massive tonnage there. Unbalanced, heavy and ponderous, makes me think of those lead aprons they throw on you when you’re getting an x-ray. That blocky addition on the north side? Hopelessly confusing. Is this a house? Is this an asylum? What’s with the multi-toned brickwork? No,it doesn’t match, but, who cares? Its ruined. There are plenty more attractive and interesting houses up and down the street from this one. Best thing they could do with this place is level it. Create a nice green space for the neighborhood. Plant a few trees. Maybe have a fountain. Keep the garage, though. Its still there and pretty cool.

  4. Agreed windsorite-in-exile. Except, I wouldn’t want to see it tore down.
    Maybe tear that awful addition off and restore it to its former ‘glory’
    Architecturally it is nothing special. There are older brick homes in this very city in great shape and overlooked.

  5. Oh and yes that garage! Original. A co-worker pointed that garage out to me years ago. It’s spectacular. Are there any others like it within the city today?
    Can’t be sure if those doors were cut to host a tall skinny car, or a buggy?

  6. Just another “residence” house. Sadly our old age homes in this city have become places for drug users, mental patients to live and have nothing to do witih “old age”. One main reason is that our hospitals are stuffed and there is no whre for these people to live.

    Unfortunately the residents have to put up with drug use, hundreds of thousands of pieces of garbage and cigarette butts and the taking over of the sidewalks by the residents.

    While this building is run well Victoria Manor to the north of it is nothing more than a flop house now. All this in what should be one of Windsor’s most proud streets!

    Imagine the above scenario in one of our subdivisions? It would NEVER happen!

  7. My husband, Gene, lived in that house in the late 50’s early 60’s when it was a rooming house. It was owned my a Mrs. Scott at the ime.

  8. i recall watching a council meeting on TV and a bunch of the neighbours were there raising hell because someone wanted to open a boarding house in the area,saying it would bring less than savory people to the neighbourhood ,mean while there’s one just south of the mission and one directly across from the mission there’s alot of human wreckage living at Victoria Manor

  9. Gary, that is correct. It is one reason they didnt’ want yet another one. This beautiful area is being destroyed by these “residences”.

    While the above is in very good shape and the yard is very well kept, the same can’t be said for any others in the area.

  10. was this a preschool at one time in the early 60’s- i went to one on victoria st- think the owner was myrtle kennedy

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