Essex County Registry Office – c. 1909

A neat old postcard view of the old Registry office on Brock. The building was built around 1875 and was designed by Detroit architect Gordon W. Lloyd.

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The building, although expanded, still stands on Brock street between MacKenzie Hall and the Windsor Jail.

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  1. The May 23, 1914 edition (p. 5) of the The Windsor Evening Record featured a brief history of the registry office service in follow-up to the death earlier that year (Jan. 3, 1914) of registrar, J. Wallace Askin. This article seems to shed a bit of light on the addition to the building pictured in the post card.

    Article excerpt:

    “…The late registrar was chiefly instrumental in bringing about the much needed improvements in the registry office in Sandwich. For years he urged the necessity for more accommodation, and, at last, at the very time of his death, space was being cleared in the jail yard and the foundation laid for the much needed addition.”

    Additional references to this structural expansion in other editions of the The Windsor Evening Record indicate that it took place on the south side of the original structure and was valued at $20,000.

  2. This building is currently being used as office space for the Windsor Jail. It’s fate once the jail closes is anyone’s guess. Some people are pushing for a museum or museum/ arts space for both of these important, historical gems in Sandwich Town.

  3. A museum here as well as using the jail would be perfect. My grampa helped to lay the foundation of that jail.

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