Jackson Park Lawn Bowling – 1982

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This photo ran in either the Detroit News or Free Press (not noted) August 4, 1982

The caption reads:

    Players get in some rolls on the lawn bowling green during a Jackson Park Lawn Bowling Club game in Windsor

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I don’t have a good picture of it, but it doesn’t look like the same building. Possibly the new one is an expanded renovated version of the one in the 1982 photo? Who knows anything about the club? Are they still active?

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  1. On a path we took to the ball diamonds in the back corner of Jackson Park, we would peek over the hedge and wonder what the heck kind of a game lawnbowling was: smooth green weedless manicured playing field; bowlers dressed in long-sleeved white shirts, some with rolled sleeves, some sporting ties; quiet enough we could hear the “click, click” of colliding balls; very polite, no shouting or razzing. No kids, average age seemed awful old to us. I figured lawn bowling had to be OK because our principal at KCI, old “Tex” Thompson, was an avid bowler. Felt bewildered the same way we felt watching a Sunday cricket game played every once in a while on the old soccer field behind the bandstand at Jackson. It all seemed so foreign, very British, and weird to us. Heck, soccer was barely on our radar! I suspected they had to be drinking tea in that lawn bowling clubhouse after games. Didn’t that clubhouse also serve the tennis players? I remember one or two of the courts being red clay then! That whole bowling/tennis area was something we just accepted and left alone.

  2. When is google going to run through Windsor again? I can’t believe they still have the outdated city strike pics.

  3. Shawn
    I think google has already been through Windsor.i seen one of their vehicles roaming around the city a couple of weeks ago.It takes time to do something like this but I imagine it will be anytime that we will see a update of google maps.

  4. Hmmm…looking for members you say? I have always been intrigued by this leisure asI have always enjoyed bochi.

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