Civic Centre Site – 1957

Happy Friday everyone! Happy Thanksgiving weekend too!

Today’s photo is dated March 8, 1957, the caption on the back reads as follows:

    Windsor Waterfront
    Civic Center Site
    with Baby House (scene of last Windsor-Detroit Hostilities – 1838)
    being restored is at left of pix

According to the notes on the back, this was supposed to have run in the Detroit News – March 27, 1957

Enjoy the holiday, with the long weekend, no post Monday. See you back here Wednesday.

12 Comments on Civic Centre Site – 1957

  1. Shame that property wasn’t kept for the museum. Could have done an archeological dig, rebuilt the ramparts and made it a better museum. One of the most important sites in the War of 1812. It was here the bombardment of Detroit was launched from British cannon which eventually forced General William Hull to surrender Detroit, all of Michigan, the North West Army, and all supplies. Most genius victory throughout the entire war.
    Now it’s a shadow of its former self literally in the shadow of the Hilton building.

  2. With all the history this area has the 1812 War,the railroads and the automotive industry the rum running days it’s sorry to see we have such a piddly little building for a museum

  3. The piddly little building is the biggest exhibit, and important thing at the museum, one of the oldest buildings in the area. Small but important.

  4. Windsor and Essex County need funds to build a proper museum. Of course while keeping the Francois Baby home. Some of the most important frontier history stems from our region alone.

  5. take the proposed money for the ‘Aquatic’ centre, use it to refurbish what’s left of an original building, like the Windsor Armouries and make it into a museum, in fact, there are a few ‘old grand buildings’ still around that can be used as museums. Leave the Library where it is!

  6. The proposed aquatic center is well underway, the armouries is now part of the Univercity downtown campus, under constuction.Come downtown and see whats happening.

  7. The armouries would have been a perfect museum building.
    I wish proper decisions were made by the right people.

  8. You know what… I have no problem with the development of this site, sure it could have been saved for this or that.. But when will we see another high rise constructed downtown? Having a hotel on this site is far better than a parking lot!

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