Doors Open Windsor – This Saturday and Sunday

Doors Open Windsor is this weekend, 30 sites open to the public, free of charge. You can find full details by visiting the Doors Open Windsor Website, by clicking HERE on on the screen shot below.

Below is an interactive map of the Doors Open Sites

[iframe src=”” width=”650″ height=”480″]

A .PDF version of the print brochure is here. Get out and support this event this weekend.

2 Comments on Doors Open Windsor – This Saturday and Sunday

  1. I went inside the Cowan house in Sandwich town for the first time ever (have wanted to for years) what a remarkable place. Great shape for its age, and solidly lived in. The women that live there should receive some kind of city award for keeping this place active in our community. For the second oldest house in the city, it’s the second most important building as far as anyone should be concerned.

  2. Wanted to go into St. John’s church for the first time as well, but it was sadly not open on Saturday. Very disappointing. Mackenzie Hall is quite a place too, but not much originality remains upstairs unfortunately, but the place is heavily used, which warrants its security of remaining in our community.

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