Applebe Store – Pitt Street

    The above cut is of the new front that is being put on the old building where the Erie Tobacco Company were formerly located and which by the first of October will be the entrance to one of the biggest dry goods stores in this section. Jos Applebe & Co., managed by Mr. E.R. Dunk, which fronts on Sandwich street, some time ago purchased this property and now have entirely overhauled and remodelled it to take care of their rapidly growing business,

    The dry goods store on Sandwich street will be joined to the new store, but the old business stand will contain men’s furnishings and the dry goods will be moved to the Pitt street annex.

    On the second floor there will be house furnishings, ladies ready-to-wear garments, and furs, etc.. while on the first floor, dress goods, silks, washgoods, trimmings, laces, embroideries, gloves, hosiery, underwear, linens and staples will be found. The large basement will likely be used for a special salesroom.

    One of the main features of the new store will be a messanine (sic) balcony on which there will be a tea room and rest room.

    Mr. Dunk in conversation with the Record as to whether “his firm” were going to illuminate the street in front of their store, stated that eventually this would happen, but they at least looked to the city to light the street, as it should be, as they were now spending a great deal of money in illuminating their show windows.

    “I also think the suggestion that has been made to widen Pitt street to the sidewalk line is a good idea,” said Mr. Dunk. “It’s a splendid asset for any city to have good wide streets and lots of light.”

    The plan for the remodelling of the Pitt Street annex were prepared by Crane & Pennington.


  1. Does anyone know what year this is?

  2. If I read this correctly, Applebe was on Sandwich and Erie Tobacco was on Pitt. Was this East of Ouellette?
    Also, I found this article which may explain why Erie Tobacco vacated.

  3. If we didn’t knock down every damn building in downtown for some plywood and stucco monstrosity we would know this building well.

    Good Gord Henderson column today. Finally the DWBIA on the hot seat as it should be.

  4. Reminds me of Adelman’s Dept Store on Pitt St E with an entrance off the Riverside Dr too.

  5. Jay Thompson Ricard

    Hear..Hear!!! Dave! JBM, I cannot access your link, it appears to be empty!?

  6. Jay, try this link and ensure that the period appears at the end of the address. I hope this works.

  7. Jay, I just tested the link and it doesn’t work… so manually add a period to the address and it should work.

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