McDougall Aveune Foundry

From the Evening Record, May, 1912:

    Just for the fun of the thing, take a walk out to the factory district one of these fine days. If you haven’t done so already you will surely get your eye opened. The industrial area is rapidly filling ip with new factories that will give employment to hundreds of mechanics before the snow flies. Right at the corner of McDougall and Gilles you will find the above building, a branch of the A.E. White Machine Co., of Eau Claire, Wis. Windsor is picking up the plums in the way of branch factories and no mistake, which accounts in large measure for the growing population and enhanced prices of realty.

While the article makes reference to the corner of McDougall and Gilles, this old foundry is close to the corner, and old fire maps show a gas station at the corner along with a coal storage yard in the 1930’s. I suspect that the building above is somewhere in this complex.

Unless there have been modifications to the roofline, I don’t think this is it, but this one is old. The one in the back could be a suspect…

This place is so old there’s a fire department call box on the front. I’ve never seen one still around in Windsor.

Some of these buildings must be close to a century old.

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  1. I rode by there last weekend. Their yard was full of scrap-everything, doors open with the sounds of some renovation/demolition. In the past riding by, I always wondered about this place. I love this website! Glad I found it!

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