National Auto Body – 1912

From the Evening Record – May 4, 1912:


This building was designed by Gilbert Jaques & Co., architects of Windsor. The plan was for this building to be located on the Davis Farm subdivison, the article doesn’t say exactly where, but it did make reference to a spur line off the Essex Terminal Railway would be brought to the plan. So it must have been somewhere around Hanna/Ellis. The factory was going to build auto bodies out of wood, steel and aluminium.

Add this one to the list of unbuilt buildings in Windsor. I can’t find any record of this place ever having been built.

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  1. Well good thing it wasn’t built because all we would see today is a parking lot, or some kind of odd empty green space that the public cannot use.

  2. If you read the description about this building was never built. The UAW and the CAW where not even thought about in 1912.So if any one is at fault it was the devloper, who hired an architect to design this unbuilt plant.

  3. Looks a lot like the old building used by Junior Achievement, that was located on the south side of Riverside Dr. across from the towers at the west end of Walkers, where the old bridge was. As the title states “Mammoth Auto Body Plant Locates in Windsor” it would be the at the north end or start of Mammoth Road if it went to Riverside Dr. It also looks a lot like another old auto plant located near by at Edna St. and St. Luke Rd.
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