Windsor Paper Company – 1935

Here’s an old ad showing the Windsor Paper Company’s building. The ad claims the business has been around since 1919, but I cannot find any record of them in the 1924 City Directory, so I’m not sure where they were located. Looks from the style of the building that it must have been located in the downtown area…

Another long lost Windsor business and building.


  1. This link to an old issue of the border cities star, 1942,6785491&dq=windsor-paper-company&hl=en
    mentions the windsor paper company as having a building at 300 Sandwich Street.
    As far as I can tell the numbering for sandwich st in WIndsor continues off that of Riverside, was Riverside still called Sandwich st in the 1940’s? If so then 300 would be close to downtown

  2. Yep, Riverside drive was still called Sandwich.
    Where the Riverfront Festival Plaza is now located.

  3. The article says Sandwich Street West which would be closer to the Art Gallery.

  4. This building was destroyed by fire on Feb.21, 1945 according to a newpaper article in the Windsor Star. It was caused by an explosion in the furnace room. Also destroyed were two floors of furniture stored there by Tepperman Furniture Co., and the equipment of the Herald Press at the east end of the structure was reported completely destroyed.

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