Ambassador Hotel – 1935

From the Windsor Daily Star – December, 1935:

    Representative of one the the major remodelling works in downtown Windsor during 1935, is the Ambassador Hotel, Sandwich street at Goyeau, opposite the Canadian National terminal station. Complete structural changes, painting and decorating, inside and out, were executed in transforming the appearance and appointments of the entire building. An olde English front replaces the former Sandwich street side. Besides exterior remodelling, the entire main floor including an upstairs dining room has been re-designed, decorated and furnished to carry out the olde English motif. A charming ladies’ beverage room, finished in matched chestnut and equipped with special furniture and furnishing, adjoins the main entrance. The rotunda and beverage dispensing space has been completely remodelled and decorated. The Men’s beverage room, with entrance off Goyeau street, follows out the olde English scheme. Rough sawn wainscotting and ceiling beams with a heavy block composition floor, along with antique bracket lighting fixtures, create a striking effect in this room. Every room is equipped with running water and modern furnishings. Mrs. N. M. McNamara is the proprietor of the Ambassador which rates as one of the three leading hotels in Windsor. Scores of travellers make it their Windsor home.

Windsor Paper Company – 1935

Here’s an old ad showing the Windsor Paper Company’s building. The ad claims the business has been around since 1919, but I cannot find any record of them in the 1924 City Directory, so I’m not sure where they were located. Looks from the style of the building that it must have been located in the downtown area…

Another long lost Windsor business and building.

Leamington A&P – Early 1970’s

Today’s photo comes from Shane, who sent us his Walker Power Building concepts a few weeks ago.

This photo was taken by his grandmother and it shows the A & P that was located at Talbot road and Queens avenue. The building is long gone and a modern RBC stands in its place.

Thanks to Shane for sharing this picture with us. We don’t visit the county all that often. If you’ve got anything to share like this old photo, sent me a message, I’d love to feature it.

Consumers Wallpaper – 1935

Back a long time ago, Windsor used to be proud of having independent businesses. Now it’s all about the big box chains. A nifty ad for the long gone Consumers Wallpaper Company. Located at Wyandotte and Goyeau on the north west corner, this one is long gone. I think they were around for a long time though… Does the name ring a bell with anyone?

Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll see you back here Monday.

Action Hobbies Slideshow # 7

As always, I like to pass along this information in case there is someone out there who’s interested in going. The slideshows are amazing and informative. If you haven’t been to one yet, you need to check it out.


Thurs August 23rd, 8.15pm – Action Hobbies hosts Historical Train Slide Show #7

Free admission!

Action Hobbies Kingsville welcomes Tecumseh, Ontario’s Bob Ballard. Mr. Ballard will be presenting slide photographs taken from 1970 – 2000 in his presentation entitled “Across Ontario with Bob Ballard”. Bob is a well regarded, skillful photographer with an interest in Canadian railroading. The show will focus on rail operations of the Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and VIA, amongst others, as they evolved over a period of time into the modern era of railroading in the province of Ontario.

Mr. Ballard will be presenting his photographs with analog projection.

Attached is the poster for the event, suitable for printing. Please forward this along to anyone who might be interested.

Complimentary snacks are offered in addition to an onsite pay-as-you-go pop machine that features the ever-popular Mystery Pop selection (over 25 different flavors, some with prizes attached to them!).

Limited seating available – arrive early!

Slides spanning decades • Duel analog presentation

Extended store hours – 10% off all model train products during the extended shop hours, 7pm – 8pm / close.

Attached is a poster suitable for printing. Pass it along!

Call Action Hobbies at (519) 733-2619 for additional information.

What If… Walker Power Building

So the track across Riverside Drive to Hiram Walker’s has bit the dust. The demolition of the waterfront silos are more than likely, and if they go, suddenly the long neglected Walker Power Building becomes a building with a waterfront view…

How many times have you looked at a building and imagined what you could do with it, if money was no object…

One of our regular readers Shane imagined exactly that scenario for the Walker Power Building.

Now keep in mind, there is no proposal on the table, and this isn’t any kind of official proposal… but if we had more people with Shane’s way of thinking, maybe our city wouldn’t have seen so many needless demolitions over the last half century.

Shane’s imagined plan calls for ground floor retail, with 2nd and 3rd floor residential lofts and offices, while the 4th floor becomes boutique hotel space.
A new road would be created on the South side of the building from Devonshire to Chilver. This would create street frontage to the retail on the South façade of the building.

Thanks for sharing these pictures Shane, we need more people with vision like this in our city. Hopefully the Walker Power Building sees new life if the silo’s bite the dust.

Shane also incorporated a street car stop into his plan, in case such a system should ever be implemented in the city again. 😉

Have a good weekend everyone! See you back here Monday.

Walkerville Built GM Buses

From the Border Cities Star – June 6, 1935:

    SHOWN above are two streamline General Motors Model
    “V” 29 Passenger Coaches which are being delivered to the
    Gray Coach Lines, Ltd., a subsidiary oi the Toronto Trans-
    portation Commission. The buses now on order include eight
    Model “V” 29 Passenger Coaches with a 225-inch wheelbase
    chassis, equipped with 616 cubic-inch engines, and two Model
    “Z” 33 Passenger Coaches with 255-inch wheelbase chassis,
    equipped with 707 cubic-inch engines. These coaches are the
    last word in modern highway transportation and feature such
    improvements as individual reclining chairs with three posi-
    tions, for reading, resting and sleeping; comfortable head rests,
    foot rests, aisle seats, also large inside padded and carpeted
    baggage racks. The above coaches were built by the Canadian
    Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company, Limited, of Walkerville,
    which is a subsidiary of the General Motors Truck Corporation
    of Pontiac. Mich.

I had long heard about GM full assembly in Windsor that only lasted a few years, interesting to finally stumble across a photo of what they built here. I believe these were built in the Fisher Body Plant on Edna & St. Luke that burned down back in the mid 1980’s.

Erie & Parent – 1935

From the Border Cities Star – February 1, 1935:

    Spring must be right around the corner. The large steam shovel of the Keystone Contractors is seen above carrying out excavations at the northeast corner of Erie street and Parent avenue, in preparation for erection of two new stores. It is the first time a shovel has been thus employed in Windsor for several years, but may be indicative of renewed activity.

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Who knew the building above was the first major commercial project in Windsor after the great depression? I’ve always liked this one, it’s got a good street presence.