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Going through some old photos this weekend, I came across this one of the old N&D sign in Yorktown, dated March, 2003.

Nine years ago… Time sure flies. Does anyone remember what year N & D closed for good?

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  1. I’m not too sure, but I didn’t think N&D made it into the 2000s? The one on the East side closed in 1998.
    Did the one at Yorktown Plaza last longer?

  2. From The Windsor Star:

    N&D announced Tuesday it will close its Yorktown location in South Windsor at 6 p.m. on Oct. 24 (1998). The N&D Supermarket Ltd. Eastown was the first N&D to be hit by mega-national supermarketing and closed last Oct. 25.

  3. This is my neighbourhood…it would be nice to have a convenient grocery store again. Wal-Mart doesn’t count.

  4. Amy, it’s my neighbourhood too… I recently spoke with N&D Property Management, and they said the tenant of the N&D building (one of the big grocery chains that rents to LW) has a clause in their rental agreement that states no grocery seller can locate in that plaza. (other than the deli) They want you to drive to their store location elsewhere, and not make it convenient for shoppers in the general district. Especially shoppers with no means of transportation. Nice eh!?!

    We could use fresh fruit and vegetables year round in Yorktown Plaza- everything else is provided by the retailers we have. And yes, Walmart does NOT count.

  5. Maybe if the neighbours supported their neighbourhood grocery store it would still be viable and in-business?

  6. Growing up in Forest Glade we supported our local grocery store: “Gordons” which became a “Zehrs” and somewhere along the line an “Independent Grocer” before closing for good. Then they tore the building down and the property has stood vacant for almost 20 years. Why has nothing gone in to replace it?

  7. When the store closed they where in a labour despute with the UFCW union. I do not remember wheter it was a strike or lockut, it was not resolved. They probably tore the building down because taxes are lower on a vacant lot.

  8. I seem to recall it was a Farmer Jack in its last incarnation before closing? (the forest glade plaza grocery store)

  9. The one and only Farmer Jack in Canada was on Dougal Rd.,originaly it was Domion Stores last new store in Windsor, bsfore being bought by A&P. The “Farmer Jack” atempt was like a lead ballon,very short lived, store was divided into Basic’s, and other stores.
    A&Ps only atempt to use the Farmer Jack name in Canada, a poor choice on their part, when the store was filled with A&P house brands, when Farmer Jack was adverticing their own brands on tv,and Detroit radio. Remember its Farmer Jack time.
    A&P owned Farmer Jack name and finaly closed the chain down about four years ago.

  10. It was a sad day when the N & D Supermarket closed. I remember it well. I remember the store at the end being empty. Sad thought, because in the 60’s and 70’s the store was packed! And yes how nice of the Loblaw company to hold us captive here in South Windsor and make us drive to their huge stores out of the area. Do you remember when we had the N & D, the original IGA, on Dominion Ave., the A & P, Super City and the Dominion (at Cabana and Dougall). What happened? Did we all stop eating in this area? No, we all got old and all our children moved away. I think it’s time they tore the old Yorktown N & D down, built a new Shopper’s Drug mart, with a clinic, in it’s place. Our Shopper’s is again too small and with the business it generates, we deserve a bigger store. That would certainly modernize the corner and I’m sure generate more business. And another thought, why didn’t Loblaws open a “No Frills” at the old Loeb store at West Grand and Dougall? That store would have been perfect for one! I’m sure the store would have certainly been busier than the one that’s in there now.

  11. In the early 70’s bsfore Loblaws left Windsor had 6 Loblaws, 10 Domion, 5 A&P, 2 N&D, 3 IGA, 2 Red & White many large stores like Packers.Today how many chain stores are their now Loblaws 4 under variouse names, Metro-Basic 6, Sobey, Freshco, Pricechopper 5.
    Total chain store now 17 counting Walmart,opposed to 38 in the seventies their bigger but are they better? A lot less convenient, no coustmer service, bag your own after you buy the bag,another cash grab,Thank Garland Weston free bag/bad for enviroment, 5 cent bags OK.

  12. Does anyone remember when Loblaws reopened it’s store in the Gateway plaza? They enlarged the building and reopened under the “Gordon’s” banner. Gordon’s was the front runner of Zehr’s. The store was only open for a short time and closed. I was told by a former employee that worked there when it was a Loblaws (Super City) that the union was involved with trying to get their “laid off” employees their jobs back. In their final contract (they were unionized) they were told that if the store were to ever close and reopens they will be offered their jobs back. At the rate of pay they were making. They certainly had a case and instead of hiring the staff back they closed the store. Not long after this Dominion moved in and re-renovated the building again. They closed their location at Cabana and Dougall. That store didn’t last long in that location either. Years later it was the “Brick” furniture store.

  13. Hi Martin, I do remember grocery stores called Gordons, but cant remember when it was open under that name or how long it lasted. I cant remember grocery stores at Gateway plaza, just Woolco and smaller stores, but there could have been.

  14. Brian, There is a picture of the Loblaws supermarket, that was in the Gateway Plaza, in “500 ways you know your from Windsor”. It’s on page 60. That is what the store looked like in the “60’s. Now it is an auto parts place and a dollar store. It was a Gordon’s supermarket in the early ’80’s. (It was open only a few months when Loblaws closed it.)

  15. I used to love how the front part of the carts would open down on the grocery belt at the N&D. We used to have such ease and service in those days.

  16. We used to do our groceries there back in the mid seventies … still remember the snack bar up front where all us guys would gather to chew the fat over a cup of coffee while our wives gather groceries . Believe it or not i still have a few of those N&D paper grocery bags stored away …..remember paper bags ! not those stupid plastic ones that would rip open if your items were too heavy and they didn’t charge you 5 cents each !

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