Train Slide Show # 5 – Saturday

Hey everyone, a little news for you today… Action Hobbies is hosting Slide Show #5, this time it’s on Saturday. It’s always a good time, and there’s guaranteed to be some interesting shots in this one. Try and get out there if you can!

Hello friends

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 @ 6pm – Action Hobbies hosts Historical Train Slide Show #5

Free admission!

Featured in this edition of the slide show will be the photos of Aleks Stefanovic. One of southern Ontario’s finest rail photographers, Mr. Stefanovic will be traveling to visit us from Brantford, Ontario. His rail photography spans several decades, dating back to the early 1970’s up until the present day. In addition to having covered a wide variety of rail subjects during his travels, Aleks is also an excellent photographer by any standard of the medium. His interest in HO scale model railroading also prompted him to take wide scenic photographs through the years that are excellent representations of railroad scenes, operations, equipment, facilities and general infrastructure across a wide variety of Southern Ontario (and beyond) locales through the years. Aleks will be the sole presenter at this special show. The show will be an analog presentation of all colour slides.

NOTE! the special day and time of this slide show – for the first time, we will be screening on a SATURDAY. This date also allows for an earlier start time of 6PM. Aleks’ show will be approximately 3hrs in length with a break in the middle.

A special announcement will also be made prior to this show regarding an exciting new project Action Hobbies is involved in.

Limited seating available – arrive early!

Slides spanning decades • Analog presentation

Extended store hours – 10% off all model train products during the extended shop hours, 5pm – 6pm / close.

Check poster for additional details.

Refreshments are available for purchase along with complimentary snacks. Look for the special “Mystery Pop” selection on the pop machine – not only does it contain over 25 different flavours, but it also has prizes, including Action Hobbies gift certificates!

Attached is a poster suitable for printing. Pass it along!

Be sure to check out our new model railroad layout blog, charting the construction of our new triple-decker model railroad:

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There’s a good interview with the featured presenter, here on the Action Hobbies blog.

Victoria Manor Apartments – Randolph & University

This large apartment building at the corner of University and Randolph has long been one of my favourite buildings in the city.

Built in 1924 the building is typical of the era. It was built by two Detroit businessmen, Walter A. Dousseau and Thomas W. Murray. They operated several similar building throughout Detroit.

The building when built contained 36 apartments, each with “four rooms and a bath”.

According to newspaper reports at the time, each apartment consisted of a living room with a wall bed, a dining room, bedroom and kitchen as well as a “well fitted bathroom”. One of the key features were the electric ranges and the “electric iceless refrigerator” in each unit.

A rendering of the building from while it was under construction. The architect is unknown, although I suspect it may be Albert Lothian. In his list of works is a 36 unit apartment building listed as being on Victoria Avenue. I suspect it may have been the Victoria Manor apartments, since it was/is also a 36 unit building. Just a gut feeling that they might be the same building. 1924 would have been earlier in Lothian’s career, which could also explain the more standard design compared to some of his later works.

Tribute To The Barn

Happy Friday everyone!

Above is rendering of the interior of the Border Cities Arena, it was one of a few pictures from prior to the opening of the arena I dug up. I got an email from someone at Sportsnet who was working on a video tribute to the Barn, and asked if I could send copies of some of the old images that were on the site. I sent along a couple and told them use any that would fit. While the rendering above didn’t make it into the video, it’s still a neat shot.

The video was produced, and I’m not sure if it aired on the station, or only on the web, but the tribute was actually really well done, and a better look back at the Barn than anything done locally.

Below is the video, it’s worth watching, and a nice look at some local history.

Proposed Empress Theatre – Pitt Street – 1913

From the Evening Record – October 14, 1913:

The above is the architect’s perspective of the new proposed Empress Theatre, which will be erected opposite the Joseph Appelbe Company’s stores on Pitt street. The building when completed will be one of the most modern and up to date in Western Ontario and a credit to this city. The interior decorations will be of old ivory and gold, with fancy lighting fixtures. There will be ladies’ parlors (sic) and retiring rooms and a smoking room for men. There will be room for five stores on the ground floor and fifteen offices on the second floor.

The place will have a seating capacity of 1,400 people and the stage will be large enough to play any production that can be taken care of on any Detroit stage. The front of the building will be constructed of white terra cotta. A large marquette will be constructed over the entrance to the theatre. The building is being erected by the Empress Theatre company which is being promoted by Mr. W. W. McEwen, formerly manager of the Windsor Theatre.

Designed by J.C. Pennington, this impressive structure was never built. There was a Empire theatre built on Pitt Street West. This building was planned for the east side of Ouellette. It would have been an impressive building. The recent post about the blacksmith shop, speaks of the “Appelbe property” being between Ouellette and Goyeau.

Tunnel Entrance – 1940’s

A neat old photo of the tunnel entrance from the 1940’s. I’m certain someone out there will be able to help narrow down the date based on the car.

What a long way the tunnel has come, from the early days, to the giant remodel of the 1990’s, with more changes coming soon…

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