Victoria Fountain – c. 1900

From the Detroit Publishing Co. archives at the Library of Congress Website, comes this shot of the Victoria Fountain, now in Willistead park, in its original location on Devonshire Road, just south of the Train Station.

A neat detail shot of the original top of the fountain.

A look inside, shows the fountain in operation, along with the sharp new inscription on the bottom.

The fountain today, shows the original top long gone.

The inscription is still there today. However a little less crisp than it was in the old photo.

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  1. Interesting to see how over 100 plus years the inscription evolved. Gives us a perspective of being able to see old structures now and then imagine how they once looked new.

  2. Was the original location of the fountain on the empty lot at Devonshire were the train station onces was?

  3. i read the caption under the first picture. just south could be 1 or 2 blocks over.its like me saying i live just east of windsor.which could be puce. emeryville , techumseh. st clair beach..etc… so i will ask again Was the original location of the fountain “ON” the empty lot at Devonshire were the train station onces was? If you know the answer just say it. don,t leave a stupid comment like Read the caption under the first picture.

  4. It seems a lot of the older fountains in the city aren’t used anymore. Some have hard to find parts and others have had dubious “repairs” to them (Boer War monument comes to mind).

    Regardless, I am sure new parts could be made and installed.

    I would love to see more fountains in Windsor especially along the downtown area. Fountains, IMO, give a tranquilty and peace to a city that is on the hussle.

  5. i’m curious if the city is gonna put the fountain udine they used to have at Ouellette and the drive back in it’s original spot anyone know it’s too bad we didn’t have a central square somewhere in the city Toronto has Dundas Square with at least 3 fountains a good spot would be the vacant lot at church and pit street next to the Hilton

  6. Dave, I agree. Fountains are nice,a nd it’s sad to see them not functioning. And it’s bad Feng Shui. Working fountains help with money coming in and stuff.

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