Devonshire Racetrack

The history of the racetrack has been covered many times on this site (here, here, here and here), but here another old postcard view from the early 1920’s that was posted in the original site, many years ago.

Hard to imagine now, but at one time we were home to three horse tracks. Simply amazing.

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  1. its always good to know what we had in windsor in terms of history.i remember my dad telling me that when he came to windsor in 1970,the devonshire mall was just under construction but he remembers seeing parts of the old track still there before it was completely gone.Now the only remants of the old race tracks is in kennilworth estate with the two old square pillars at the intersection of south camroon and howard.hopefully it does not get torn down.

  2. as you drive into jackson parkfrom Tecumseh rd there are 2 short concrete pillars with round tops i understand those are all that remain of the horse track in the park from that peroid

  3. I have in my possession a racing form of the Devonshire track for WEDS. jULY 5 ,1922.
    It is 92 years old ,now framed and ready for some horse-track museum

  4. A note to Alex Aitken about his Devonshire program–My book on the three racetracks is nearing completion and I’m in the process of lining up visual material. If he could E-mail me- I’d love to photograph the program.

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