City of Roses

Here’s an old postcard from the early 1960’s, that I don’t think was ever posted to the site before. To me the most interesting part of the card is the bottom half, with the view of Wyandotte/Ouellette. The green TD bank in the lower right was designed by Johnson & McWhinnie in 1959, so the card is at least from 1960.

At one point there was a plan to add an extra two floors to the top of the building. The plans for the addition are available in the archives in the Johnson-McWhinnie collection. The building was recently sold, after sitting empty since the TD bank left, anyone have any idea about future plans for the building?

Ford Motor Co.’s Plant – Ford, Ontario

A long time ago, this site began life back in 2002 as a site featuring old postcard views of the city. Over the years, the site evolved and some of the older posts that were done in the pre-blog format were lost. So it occurred to me, after getting an email form a long time reader, that many of these card that were posted long ago, are pretty much like all new material. So over the next little while I’ll be posting some of these old postcards here and there…

So today is a good view from the water of the massive plant that once occupied the waterfront east of Hiram Walker’s. The postcard dates to about 1925, and still lists Ford, Ontario as the location. Ford City became East Windsor in 1929, and then part of Windsor in 1935.

Giles and Ouellette – 1932

The photo below ran in the Border Cities Star September 24, 1932

    Here are shown a few of the steady stream of cars which patronized the new Supertest gasoline station at the corner of Giles boulevard and Ouellette avenue today, formal opening day. Each motorist who purchased five gallons of gas was handed a coupon good for a gallon of oil at any time the motorist wanted it, which explains the steady stream of cars which patronized the station from the opening hour of 7 o’clock.

This station is obviously long gone, but are any supertest stations still around at all?

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Nick’s auto clinic at Riverside and University was definitely one. The shape is exact.

Any others?

Detroit – Windsor Tunnel

In keeping with Monday’s theme, here’s another old border crossing post card, today’s view shows the tunnel. This one is unused, as was Monday’s. Someone may be able to get a better date, given the car and bus in the photos. The Maple Leaf flag on the wall means the photo is no older than 1965, when the flag was officially adopted.

From the back:

    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    Interior view of Tunnel showing a Tunnel Bus and
    passenger car at the actual International border, marked
    by the flags of the two countries

Ambassador Bridge

Remember when the bridge used to be black?

From the back of the card:

    THE AMBASSADOR BRIDGE, connecting Windsor,
    Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, is the largest
    International Bridge in the world (nearly two miles
    long). From the centre of the four-lane bridge, visitors
    can stop and take pictures of the two cities, or of the
    passing ships on the Detroit River.

The Teal is hideous, and here’s hoping if there’s another paint job, it goes back to black.

55 London Street

Another Friday, and another week over. Today’s photo is part of a series of photos all marked “Gambling” on the back, and all dated February 28, 1948. This one shows the store front of Du Barry Frocks at 55 London St (today University W.)

A sign of the times on the front door. “The Army Needs Men”, left over from WWII?

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Here’s the same location today. Not surprising, as it is Windsor, the building is long gone.