Leamington High School

April 27, 2011 14

Staying out in Leamington, here is a shot of the old High School. Looks like it was once a residence that was added on to […]

Brewster Projects – Detroit

April 22, 2011 8

Happy Friday everyone… Here we are again, and today we’ll head across the river to take a look at this great rendering of the original […]

Talbot Street – Leamington

April 20, 2011 7

Sticking to the county again, this time we’re out to Leamington in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. A neat view of the main shopping district. It’s […]

Essex High School

April 18, 2011 5

Sticking with the Essex County theme again today, we head back to Essex… According to Wikipedia, Essex District High School “… was founded in 1885 […]

Riverview Apartments – 1948

April 15, 2011 7

Happy Friday once again! Up today is a picture of the Riverview Apartments, sadly without any kind of explanation about exactly what has happened here…. […]

Rail Slide Show Reminder

April 14, 2011 5

A friendly reminder to anyone who was interested, tonight at 8:15 pm at Action Hobbies in Kingsville: Directions to Action Hobbies can be found on […]

Talbot Street – Essex

April 13, 2011 8

Off for the first time in a long time out into Essex County… Today’s postcard features a view from the late 1970’s? I’m sure someone […]

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