Sandwich Street – 1954

January 28, 2011 4

Once again, a Happy Friday to everyone! Today’s old photo shows us a view along Sandwich St with a date of April 19, 1954. A […]

Oliver Farm Subdivision

January 26, 2011 15

“Officials of the small holdings development branch of the Veterans Land Act visited the Maryland or Oliver subdivision near Windsor yesterday to view the subdivision […]

Ojibway Blast Furnace – 1935

January 21, 2011 19

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday’s old photo is dated August 18, 1935, and the caption reads “Canadian Steel Plant Ojibway”. In this photo we’re looking […]

Unbuilt Detroit

January 14, 2011 4

As we’ve seen on this site over the years, there have been many architectural plan floated that never came to be, on both sides of […]

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