Central United Church

Postcard View of Central United c. 1955

Last year in October, we took a look at Central United with this post on the history of the church, and this one of the cornerstone laying.

With this past weekend’s Doors Open event, I finally got to visit the inside…

The interior features an amazing space. A big thank you needs to go to Mr. Wear who gave me my tour and showed me around the church.

Stained glass at the top of the dome…

The congregation is well over 200 years old, being able to trace its roots back to the early Sandwich Methodist Mission in 1804.

Like most Christian based churches, Central United is not immune from the dwindling congregation syndrome. On an average Sunday this massive church only sees about 60 -70 worshippers.

As a side note where did September go? The next Post will be Friday, which is the first day of October…

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  1. Wow! That’s beautiful inside! I always love the pictures of it all by itself.
    I’ve been asking where the past 4 months went Andrew!

  2. It’s always great to have a part of Windsor’s past still standing. Unfortunately, the political mafia that’s been running this city since the mid 70’s has a mindset straight out of the 60’s, when everything old was bad and newer was better. Maybe we can get a few councilors to give up their travel expense accounts and we could clean up the sidewalk in front of the church and plant some rose bushes.

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