Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Church

This church at Tecumseh and Meldrum, featured on this past weekend’s Door Open tour was one that I was looking forward to visiting.

The building was designed by architect Petar Popovic, and was started in 1950. The building open for worship in 1952, and is based on the Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo.

The interior is richly decorated and was quite an amazing sight.

An amazing place, thanks to everyone at the church for taking part in Doors Open this year.

If you missed out on Doors Open this year, that’s it until 2012.


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  1. My brother broke his leg when they were building this church. He was playing on a pile of brikck and fell off and a brick fell on his leg. I lived on Larkin just behind the church and my mother live on the street for over fifty years and this is the first time I have ever seen the inside.

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