Osterhout’s Restaurant & Confectionery

Up today is this postcard view of Osterhout’s Restaurant & Confectionery, from the early 1920’s. This place was located in what was then known as the Exchange Building, before being sold to George Wilkinson for use as a shoe store. This is one of the rare examples of a building that kept its address through the renumbering of 1937.

The address today is still 333 Ouellette Ave. and as best as I can tell, this is the space occupied today by Vermouth.


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  1. What an outstanding postcard! The interior is very nice with the balcony in the back. I also love the lights and the old style fan in the top left corner.

  2. Love the booths throught the interior. As I don’t get downtown much what is in Vermouths ? My best guess ??? A bar ??? I also saw this card on ebay and probably cost you more to buy it, as I can’t tell who I’m bidding against !!! Sorry Andrew….

  3. I can’t tell from the picture, but does it have a counter with a soda fountain? In a small town not too far from where I am, until about 15 years ago we had a similar resturant, with a refrigerated window for displaying frozen treats, a punched tin ceiling and mahogany booths. Definately a trip back in time….

  4. Branko, you are right but most Windsorites would ignore it because it would be deemed “snooty”. God forbid we have something classy in Windsor.

    Rob S. From what I understand there is nothing going on above that building. It used to house offices but they have been closed for some time. I think they would make great lofts.

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