Edgewater Marine Demolition

Another long time landmark bit the dust last week.

Last Tuesday the 14th, time ran out for the former Lakeview Edgewater Marine building at Lauzon & Riverside.

The building dates back quite a while and is shown on the 1937 Fire Map as an auto repair garage. I also have it first listed in the 1923 City Directory as the Island View Garage, so I suspect this is close to the date of construction.

Last Tuesday, I was driving past when I noticed the demolition in fill swing. Sadly I didn’t have the time to pull over and grab some shots, but luckily regular reader and past contributor Syl was in the area and grabbed a few to share with IM.com readers.

So not only did Syl save the day by being on the scene, he also saved me an early morning ride out to the east side to grab some shots before demolition resumed.

By 4:00 pm the building was mostly gone. I’m not sure what if anything is planned for the site. As is usually the Windsor way, I would suspect we’ll see this one vacant for a while.

Anyone know who owns it? Wasn’t it purchased Matty Maroun/the Bridge Company a few years back when DRIC was looking for locations to build the new crossing? There was a Lauzon to Belle Isle to Detroit link floated, and shortly after this property was purchased.

Thanks again Syl for grabbing and emailing the photos our way.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time. If there aren’t already concrete plans for this area, the city should turn it into a park.

  2. From what I was told, the property is owned now by the owners of Abars. This was supposed to have been taken down last fall, but with the city delay of things it was pushed to this year. The building was also not safe to be inside, and so when the owners of Abars purchased it, it was a good deal. The building was not salvageable, and if repairs were to happen, it would have cost way to much, and the value of the build and property would not be worth it. They are using this to expand there parking lot and do a few other items. From what I gather, it will become a parking lot for Abars, as it does not have enough parking spaces for the establishment. The extra parking is also good, as they will probably be doing some car shows as well, as the Volkswagen Group I belong to, we have done a show on the property for the past 2 years, and last year we ran out of room, we had to turn people away, but this year there was 2 shows booked the same day in the Midwest Region, so people were torn which to go to.

  3. This building was Island View Garage, before becoming Edgewater Marine. My grandfather Wilfred Drouillard owned this property and then sold it to Eddy Lee who started Edgewater Marine. If you look at the map the four squares with the D in them at the back of the main building where cottages. My aunt and family lived there for some years before they where torn down. I can remember swimming in front of the cottages in the 50’s as there was an small beach then.

  4. Thanks Ric – I though Lakeview didn’t sound right…

    Thanks Bernie, any idea when it became Edgwater? The 1958 phone book doesn’t have a listing under either name…

  5. Kinda like downtown right Chris ; ) Zing! I am kidding of course. This isn’t much of anything as a building. But I agree with Andrew, it will just be another lot.

    I found it interesting, and perhaps many people don’t realize, but in order to demo a building in Windsor you ALREADY have to submit your plans for the site.

    So my question is why do we have so many damn vacant lots in this city? In fact, I would fix teh bylaws and make it terribly unaffordable to have lots (tax them at the highest mill rate possible). Not only does it fix the eyesores they become but it puts pressure on the greasy speculators that are killing this city, especially downtown.

  6. Not directly related to this post but a new eyesore has appeared on the edge of Walkerville near Gladstone and Wyandotte beside the beautiful Imeson Antiques store someone has splattered the storefont there with vivid pink and purple stucco, gave me a headache just going by it on the weekend. The local business association should have some input as to how hideous you can make your storefront

  7. When the front of this building was demolished, one can see the outline of a gable roof, suggesting that it may have been a house at one time (private residence).
    Anyone out there who may confirm this with information or photos?

  8. Andrew – It was around 1958-59 that it became Edgewater. Before that, Ed had a small marine repair business on Tecumseh Rd. at Alexis that he started in 1954. He partnered with Fred Heuchan to start Edgewater, he eventually became the sole owner.

  9. This building had no architectural merit and was a blight along Riverside Drive. As much as Abars is a historic building, it is an eyesore too. I sure wouldn’t patronize a dump like it. This whole site including Abars would be redeveloped into high end condos in most places.

  10. The property would make a great addition to the jewel of Windsor – The public riverside parks…. And I’m speculating that now would be a good time to buy. The view from Abars parking lot is dramatic and spectacular. Maybe take a leaf from Tecumseh and divide the property like they’re doing with the Lakewood property. Are there any candidates out there willing to run with this one?

  11. the edgewater marine belonged to my great uncle eddy, he just had his 90th birthday. In the 1950’s my uncle branched off the lee’s imperial tavern and owned the edgewater marine with his business partner fred heuchan im very sad to see it gone.

  12. Eddy was a hell of a mechanic.
    Anywho… I remember starting many fishing trips from behind there getting bait at BOZO’s Baits and sometimes launching boat from there. Great memories… sniff

  13. My Mother married Pete Lee in 1966.
    Eddy Lee lived next door and I have many great memories of the Lee family and Edgewater.
    I had the fortune of watching Eddys son Tom race boats and the first time I flew in a plane was with Tom. I loved going into the Chinese restuarants in Windsor with my Uncle Ed and ordering off the “Chinese” menu.
    To this day my Mother and I are forever in the Lee families debt. Thank you Diane Lee for all you continue to do for Mom.

  14. I lived in the old brick house, Eddy Lee & his familly owned.
    Back in the early sixties, I grew up helping at the marina cleaning
    boats. I was only five years old, when I started hanging around & met
    Eddy at edgewater marina. He always had time to talk & joke with me.

    He would take me out on the river, whenever he wanted to test out a new boat.
    This would drive my protective mother crazy with worry. Eddy would let me drive
    the boats & would always ask me what I liked about them.

    Eddy Lee & his family would invite our family to barbeque swimming pool parties
    at his house, in the summer. My father Norman Santo became a good friend of Eddy’s.

    Thank-you for allowing me the oppurtunity to be part of this flash back of Eddy Lee’s
    life & good memories.

    Terry Santo & family

    Email address : terry.santo@yahoo.ca

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