Weekend Demolition

August 30, 2010 19

Last Thursday night, on my way home from work, I was coming up McDougall when look what my eye see… The famous building eaters. A […]

Francois Baby House – 1956

August 27, 2010 16

Happy Friday everyone! Time again for another look back at Windsor through some old photos… Today’s photo was snapped August 10, 1956. The Baby house […]

487 Ouellette

August 25, 2010 4

One of the more overlooked buildings along Ouellette is the current W.S.O. office and former Bank of Nova Scotia building located at 487. It was […]

Belvedere Apartments

August 23, 2010 6

This buff brick building on Glengarry, just south of Wyandotte has long been a favourite of mine. There’s a mystery to this place that I’ve […]


August 18, 2010 8

More of a heads up than a post today… but I thought that some readers may be interested in this, and some may even be […]

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