Devonshire Racetrack – 1932

April 30, 2010 15

This old news photo was taken July 23, 1932 at Devonshire Racetrack. Back when horse racing was illegal in Michigan, people used to flock to […]

St Clair College Mediaplex

April 28, 2010 17

The old Salvation Army building at Victoria & University, which has sat derelict for many years, is nearing the end of its conversion into the […]

Hydro Substations

April 26, 2010 16

Today’s post is a bit of a big one… But this is only the tip of them… I’ve been long interested by the small neighbourhood […]

Ice breaking – 1928

April 23, 2010 7

Another old photo today. This one dates to 1928, again from the Detroit News or Detroit Times archives. The caption on the back of this […]

The Working Man’s Mansion

April 21, 2010 5

From the Windsor Star Classifieds in October, 1971. View Larger Map Here’s the “Mansion” today. It’s a fact that our real estate hasn’t increased in […]

Chinee Villa

April 19, 2010 37

Back in February of this year, I had a post about the Mai-Mai. The owners of the Mai-Mai it was discovered were also the owners […]

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