Alley Houses

March 31, 2010 24

First off, sorry for the lousy quality of today’s photos… It was late evening, and a camera phone… Now tell me a story… Who knows […]

Vikings’ Yacht Club

March 26, 2010 9

An interesting rendering from the Border Cities Star, May 1, 1929. Above is the architect’s drawing of the Vikings’ Yacht Club, construction of which is […]

664 Victoria Avenue

March 24, 2010 6

Located at 664 Victoria, and currently home to the Downtown Windsor Mission, the building was originally home to the Temple Baptist Church. The building was […]

1017 Ouellette Avenue

March 22, 2010 16

Thanks to Urbanrat for the reminder that this house had become demolition number 1, for 2010. I looked high and low, but couldn’t come up […]

Reader Submission

March 19, 2010 16

Today’s post comes courtesy of a regular reader named Jamie T. The photo was taken by Jamie’s father from the car, at the intersection of […]

Oliver Mowat Perry

March 12, 2010 15

There are places all around our fair city, that bear the names of people who were once well known prominent citizens. As the years pass, […]

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