The Granville

January 27, 2010 16

Above is an ad from May, 1929, I came across last year advertising the Detroit Free Press Sponsored Model Home “The Granville”. The house was […]

331 Ouellette Avenue

January 25, 2010 17

One of the more interesting facades along Ouellette Ave, belongs to the building now occupied by the Mandarin House at 331 Ouellette. The building was […]

Jackson Park – 1953

January 20, 2010 28

An interesting photo taken from the 1954 Windsor Centennial Program showing a aerial view of Jackson Park. Seeing as the program was published in 1954, […]

Monopoly Voting

January 19, 2010 1

I’ve had emails from a few people about this, so I will pass on the word, some readers may be interested in helping out…. Below […]

The Road To Tecumseh-Town

January 18, 2010 14

An interesting photo above, taken in 1893. It appeared in a book called Picturesque Detroit and Environs. The location of the photo is unknown, but […]

Riverside & Ouellette – 1978

January 15, 2010 14

Today’s post is another vintage Newspaper photo. This one was shot by a photographer named “Tines”. A quick check on the Google, shows that a […]

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