W.D. Lowe – 1927

Today’s post features another vintage photograph from the newsrooms of Detroit. No ID on the back of this one, but likely from the Detroit Times. The date stamp on the back reads “Dec. 15, 1927”, however it was clearly not taken in December. It is probably a print made from a much earlier photo. The caption on the back reads:

“Border Cities”
Windsor is proud of its Technical School

The school was built in 1923, by local the architectural firm of Cameron & Ralston. When the building opened it was known as the Windsor-Walkerville Technical School. It was later renamed W.D. Lowe in honour of the first Principal of the school.

A photo of the 1927 Hockey team, with W.D. Lowe.

The school was closed [around 2004] in 2000, and its future remains uncertain. The building has served as temporary quarters for grade schools while under reconstruction. First for students from Begley, and now currently for the students of John Campbell and the future David Suzuki school.

My favourite part of the photo at the top, is this little side scene along Parent Ave. Two cars parked with a guy looking for something in a wagon… Also note the old streetlight, street sign and the streetcar tracks along Parent.

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  1. I went there in the late 70’s.I have very fond memories of Lowe as do lots of others..hate to say it but I think it will be torn down. To build some turd, or worse left to rot

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Lowe closed in 2000. My how time flies, no? For those who are not familiar with the school’s interior, it boasts a separate apartment on the roof for the custodians who kept the school going 24/7 when it was a technical training school during the war years. There’s even a nice little fire place up there. The auditorium has a number of spectacular sculptures of medieval-type men each holding a representation of different aspects of technical education. Then there are the gargoyles [I can get you pictures]…The Principal’s office has an exquisitely carved ceiling – intertwining vines and leaves. The room served as the board office for the Windsor-Walkerville Technical School Board. As you can see, you’ve hit a chord….

  3. Linda, thanks for the information, I’ve updated the post. I was trying to remember the dates on the rock out front, but couldn’t find a photo of it last night… For some reason 2004 sounded right, but I think it was 2003 when Begley was demolished, so that should have been my first clue! 2000, wow almost a decade since it closed.

    Is it any wonder why the population is decreasing in the inner-city neighbourhods?

  4. i noticed the old utility poles in the first photo. There is still one standing like that that i pass daily on erie and mcdougall. I have never had the opportunity to see the interior of the building. Some photos of it would be awesome, linda’s description has really got me curious!

  5. I agree Andrew. When will the school boards step up to the plate and stop closing inner city schools? Because without schools families will not move to any area.

  6. wow, all those trees are enormous now! the ones in the foreground completly hide Prince Edward school.
    another place we can find an old street light post is on ouellette and riverside drive,about half way down the hill on the right. it may even still be in use with a more modern light on it. and by windsor modern i mean 70’s turd.

    thanks Andrew!

  7. I attended Lowe for grade 9 back in 1968.
    The painting of Mr. Lowe which used to hang in the main entrance hall was painted by my uncle (George Fanais) who attended the school himself back in the 1930’s.

  8. Aaron i think there’s a few of those old utility poles on Tecumseh rd nar Hall ave on the south side of the road they still might be there maybe

  9. I went to Lowe from 90 to 95. It was a huge school, but towards the end didn’t have enough students to keep it open. I still have dreams in which i’m walking through the halls trying to get to class. hahaha.
    These are really cool pics that were posted.
    I feel sad when I drive by the place wondering if it’s another landmark that they are going to tear down.

  10. Lowe is such a beautiful building!!! Turrets and all. I love all the old buildigs with the marbalized floors with curved and sculpted off-white baseboards. Does anybody know what the room is in Lowe that is in an upper hallway? I was in the building about 6 years ago and as I was walking down the hallway(I believe on the second or third floor),there was an old smaller stairway that lead up to a room or passage. I think that it was on the west side of the building. I was taking a night course there and was very intrigued by this.

  11. ya to shawn u asked about th old smaller stareway that leads up to the top of the school. And it leads to a apartment, one door is for the top and one for the apartment i went to lowe
    when the school was closed. i know that school inside and out. and ya it is on the west side, its a one bed apartment. u know i thounth i would never hear of that, its cool after years gone by. it is the third floor by the way. k gtg hope this helps u.

  12. I was cleaning out my basement and came across my year books from Lowe for years 70, 71 and 72. It is interesting that I found this site.
    When I was in grade thirteen 71-72 the little apartment that you are talking about was the grade thirteen lounge. I think there were about 28 of us who could use it. Lowe was all guys then.
    I didn’t know that Lowe had gargoles. Where were/are they?

  13. somebody should do an article on prince edward school across the street from low on giles. This whole site has no info on it :(

  14. I have some interior photographs of W.D. Lowe Technical School if you are interested. The auditorium is especially nice.

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