Trinity Lutheran Church

This church complex at 1215 Parent Avenue, just south of Gilles, has always caught my eye.

The church was built in 1947 and designed by J.C. Pennington. My notes also show the church hall is an addition in 1979, designed by architect Raymond Masters.

Has any reader out there ever been inside? Any stories about the place?

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  1. I am a fan of your website, I visit it often. I understand that JC Pennington had designed lots of Windsor’s famous buildings.. including the Jackson Park Gates. He also designed Ste Genevieve Place School (547 Irvine). A building my company restored into Loft Condominiums around 1999-2000. I was hoping you will do an entry on that building in the future. My website has a few before and after pictures of the restoration.

  2. Peter – Mr. Pennington is responsible for a lot of buildings in Windsor. He was active in architecture from about 1912 through the late 1950’s. Some of his last works included Essex Hall and the original Leddy Library, both on the University Campus.

    Ste. Genevieve is a great example of adaptive reuse, and it is certainly one that I plan to feature one of these days.

  3. Where the church hall is now located was an old house similar to the one next to the hall today (Google). That home was the original church. Service was held on the main floor with the pastor’s residence upstairs. The new church was not in service until later in 1948. I last attended service in the old church in May 1948, confirmation day.

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