St. Edward’s School

Located on the west end of Sandwich is the former St. Edward’s School at the corner of King St. and Prince Rd.

The Border Cities Star, May 3, 1929 edition makes reference to a new unnamed four room school to be built in Sandwich.

Plans for a four room fire proof school to be built at Prince and King Street for the Sandwich Spearte School Board are being prepared by Albert J. Lothian, Windsor architect, and tenders will be advertised for in about 10 days. The estimated structural cost the school is $33,000, and the five acre site cost is approximately $2,500 an acre. …

There was a note in the article about how the school was designed for future expansion, but it looks like the original portion never went beyond the four rooms. There is a low lying 1960’s era addition all around the school, perhaps the student growth didn’t come for many years. Anyone out there have any memories of this school?

I found it interesting that St. Edward’s which was scheduled to have construction commence by June 1, 1929, features the same architectural detailing…

As the Nash Dealership (now Hoa Viet) which opened June 6, 1929, also designed by Albert Lothian…

I suspect that both these buildings were on his drafting table about the same time… 😉

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  1. My girlfriend’s kids went there in the seventies. After it closed as a school, they ran a teen centre (I think) out of it for a few years – some kind of community centre, anyway.

    I know architects, like any artist, have distinctive styles but the rubber stamped deco is funny. . . “phoning it in”!

  2. Gabe – Not sure when it closed. There seems to be a community centre of some sort on the ground floor, plus as Ric mentioned, there is a community garden there as well.

  3. Closed early to mid 90’s. Last time I was by there (few years ago) it was home to Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG), which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a place for teenagers in Sandwich.

  4. I attended St Edward’s School from 1969 to 1976. The “60’s” addition in the north facing part of the school was there at that time. I had my second grade class with “Miss Mancini-later Mrs Bull” in the upper floor of the old 1929 building. There I also had my first kiss (age 7) with Bruna Campigotto. My memory was high ceilings. The basement of the 1929 building was also used as a lunch room for students. I remember having lunches there for a brief time. This stopped likely by 1970-1972 or so. I think the old part of the school was not used after about 1973-1974-ish. A newer west-south west wing [which included 3 classrooms (Grade 7, grade 8 classes) with access to the gymnasium) and a kindergarden class (Mrs Marchand)] was built in the early 70s as I remember the construction maybe 1972.

    The southeast corner of the lot (facing the decal making factory)was a popular baseball diamond throughout the long hot Windsor summers.

  5. 1990 was the last year it was open i use to go there i was wondering if back in the day any 1 died there

  6. i was told a few people died in the old part of the school and was wondering if there is any 1 that knows when we are digging up the time capsule

  7. I was a student here. Had Mrs.Palumbo for kindergarten. Can’t remember grade 1 but had Lawerence for grade 2 and Mrs Mancini for grade 3 and Mrs.marchand for grade 4. Mr Kerns was gym teacher and he married Miss Lawerence. I left after that but I remember the church next door and there are only a few names I remember as class mates. The school always smelled old and musty, but the ne part was nice because it was new. I remember the library the most.

  8. Yes, I absolutly remember quiet a bit about my days at st. Edwards. I registered in the late 1950’s in the old section, lots of stairs. There was another stucco building on the property for grade one and two., grade 3 in the old building, lunchroom downstaires. When I returned to grade 4 there was another long one level wing built which would have been 1963.The church and the school were almost amalgamted . By grade 6 mid sixties another addition with the gym was built. I only attended there until the end of grade 6, which was with ms. mousseau, mr. bensette and mr. whittal, great teachers and a lot of wonderful memories. Remeber the nurses office way up top on a small third floor in the old section. Any persons out there whom remember this era? Lets chat.

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