Windsor Court Apartments

August 31, 2009 24

One of the buildings in Windsor I haven’t featured before, but recieve many questions about is the Windsor Court Apartments located on Ouelltte Avenue at […]

Methadone Clinic

August 28, 2009 13

A big uproar took place the other week, when a methadone clinic popped up in the former Bank of Montreal Building on University Avenue West. […]

Dear Metro Detroit…

August 27, 2009 4

First there’s a giant chemical fire on Monday… Now today you’re at it again! Enough with the chemical fires already!

The First Spike

August 26, 2009 2

From John comes today’s great postcard, one I have never seen before: Don’t forget (or maybe this is the first notice) but there’s going to […]

TD Bank Update

August 24, 2009 10

I was downtown Friday, and Noticed work was still progressing on the new TD Bank… Not sure if the city strike delayed work, pending inspections, […]

Reader Submission Friday

August 21, 2009 18

As we head into the weekend, today’s post is made up of a few reader submissions… First up from JT, is this shot taken behind […]

Casa Del Mara

August 19, 2009 6

Long one of my favourite buildings in the city is the previously covered Casa Del Mara Apartments on Ouellette Avenue. However, I’ve never had much […]

Proposed Church Of Christ

August 17, 2009 1

Some recent comments on an old post from March 2007, reminded me that I had a follow up to that post lurking on my hard […]

Equity Chambers – Part II

August 14, 2009 9

* Note this post is a follow up to another post from March, 2008. The building that was sitting vacant following the closure of Ye […]

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