Ebbinghaus Electric Ltd.

While at the archives a while back looking through old Johnson-McWhinnie blueprints, this set for Ebbinghaus Electric caught my eye…

The main thing that attracted me was this crazy sign from the front. Love the lightning bolts! 1960 had much cooler signs than the last few decades ever gave us… I wondered if the place was ever built, and if it was, if it was still around. All I had to go by was a site plan that noted the location as Crawford Avenue.

So, while exploring along Crawford, sure enough, the building is still there, minus the cool sign of course.

The south elevation as drawn…

Today. A few extra windows added to the cinder block wall.

The front elevation.

A post was added to the front, likely some time later, as there is no note on the plans for one.

An interesting little building, I would love to see a photo of the sign in place. Anyone know anything about the company?

I suspect the family is still around. This list of the Past Presidents of the Windsor Electrical Contractors Association, list Robert Ebbinghaus as the president in 1969, and 1979, as well as Gregory Ebbinghaus the president in 1994 & 1995. Robert Ebbinghaus is also listed there as an honourary member.

TD Bank Rises

So the TD Bank is on the way up.

After a lot of underground work the building rose above ground pretty quickly. Too bad it’s going to look like it does. Another pedestrian unfriendly glass wall, and another dead block in the core.

Reader Syl, sent in these photos of the site.

Syl also noticed the old Canada Gift Shop sign from next door has been removed, and was leaned up against a wall, before being carted away to the landfill. The sign looks to be from the 1960’s and is now gone for ever, one of the last of the old overhanging signs on Ouellette.

Thanks for sending along the photos Syl!

Thursdays Live!

Don’t forget that Thursdays Live continues tomorrow night.

As well as taking place in Walkerville, don’t forget that it is also taking place in the Pillette Village BIA as well.

I was asked to pass along a message from Magpie Antiques, (disclaimer – I did their website) that they are holding a “Fabulous Vintage & Antiques Street Fair”

Taking it to the Street!

Join Magpie and Tango for our Fabulous Vintage & Antiques Street Fair!
Thursday June 25th. all day till 9:00pm (weather permitting)

Several guest vendors will line the street with fantastic vintage items at affordable prices!…Enjoy listening to great music and sipping refreshments while watching our fabulous models stroll the street in too cool vintage attire!

Selected in store items 20-50% off!

So while you’re out spreading love to our local businesses Thursday, don’t forget about the Pillette Village too. 😉

Check it out, it could be interesting.

College Avenue Bridge

After only 80 years of service (most of it with obviously little maintenance) the College Avenue Bridge’s days are numbered. Built in 1927 (and crumbling for years) so that the streetcar could run west along College (then called Field Ave.) over the Michigan Central Rail Cut. It was closed by the city and is today only accessible on foot or on a bike.

Huge chunks of the bridge are crumbling away on the railings…

…and on the sidewalks.

Chain link fencing was erected, closing the sidewalks off to pedestrians, who are now routed across the roadway.

A view of the bridge over the tracks leading to the rail tunnel.

The photo above ran in the Border Cities Star, October 7, 1927:

The Span shown above crosses the Michigan Central tunnel approach at a point where Field avenue is to be cut through when the necessary formalities for taking over a number of houses now standing on the proposed street extension are completed.

The bridge is done entirely in reinforced concrete, and plans for it were drawn by the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario, the contractor being Ernest Clark.

It will carry a double track trolley line, a wide roadway and two sidewalks, and will, when the street is cut through to Wellington Avenue, afford an outlet to a rapidly developing section of Windsor lying south of Wyandotte Street and west of the M.C.R. tracks.

A great example of what happens when cities neglect infastructure.

First Lutheran Church

Located on Victoria Avenue at Gilles, the rendering above appeared in the Border Cities Star in June of 1928, and ground was broken on the building in July of the same year.

The building was designed by Windsor Architects Cameron & Ralston, and contained a 400 seat church, a Sunday School and a parsonage.

The building was expected to cost $45,000 in 1928 (about $573,500 in today’s dollars).

All things considered, she’s held up rather well over the last 81 years.

St. Mary’s Demolition – 1977

Today’s entry comes sent in from regular reader Steve L. He found these photos at his Grandmother’s house, and shared them with me to share with all of you:

Interesting to note, model homes already popping up in front prior to the implosion.




A shot from the front during the implosion.

Steve told me they were in an envelope marked “Windsor Star”. So they were shot by Star photographers, however I’m not sure if they were ever printed in the paper or if they were just photos shot that day. If so, they may be seeing the light of day for the first time here.

A big thank you to Steve for scanning and sending them along. As always if you have any photos hanging around your house, or maybe your parents or grandparents have some, feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to share them.

More Stucco

Back in March, you may recall, I covered the history of the Janisse Brothers Funeral Home, that was orignally the Leo Page house.

Well guess what?

Photo courtesy JS


Big thanks to all who emailed and told me about the “update” to the building, and big thanks to JS who sent in the photo.

Wowers. I’m sure it will look extra craptabulous once it’s done.

I’ll keep you posted.

Red Bull 2009

For the second straight year, a great event for Windsor, I can’t remember the last time I saw downtown as packed as it was Saturday and Sunday.

Overall a great event for the city, putting us on a world class stage with world class racing. Love it or hate it, the Red Bull Air Race probably brought more money into downtown business coffers than all other festivals combined. Luckily CUPE stayed away and the event was a great success. Great job to all involved.

Below are a few photos from this weekend’s show:

Happy Birthday

To International Metropolis…

Six years ago, on June 12, 2003 International Metropolis was launched.

I found the image above, so don’t ask why there’s seven candles on the cake that says six… :)

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Thanks everyone!