Soper & Dupis Real Estate

In my collection I have a book full of photographs of the Border Cities and their industries from 1913. This photo below is captioned “Soper & Dupis Real Estate Office” but there was never any other information about it, and I always wondered about this little house…

I figured it was destined to remain a mystery until I stumbled across this little blurb in the Microfilm of the Evening Record, May 23, 1913:

This is the fancy real estate office that Dr. Soper erected on his property at the corner of Ouellette Avenue and Chatham Street. It has been much admired and well patronized since the Riverview Subdivision was placed on the market. R. M. Morton the selling agent is standing on the verandah. This sub-division lies between Sandwich and Windsor. It is already recognized as the new (illegible) residential district for this community. Many lots have been sold to outside buyers, who are figuring on spending $5,000 and upwards on the houses they put up.

The location today is home to the Bank of Montreal on Ouellette. To the rear of the office you can see the former home of Vital Ouellette. The Ouellette house, used to sit on this corner of Chatham & Ouellette and was move east one lot in 1903. It was the first brick building moved in Windsor. At the time of this photo, it was home to the Windsor Club. I featured the building when it was home to the Windsor Castle Cafe in the 1930’s. It was most recently home to Jason’s.

The Riverview subdivision was located in West Windsor, along Vista Place and Patricia Road. Most of it was never developed.

Hotel Dieu – 1965

From the December 31, 1965 issue of the Windsor Star:

Hotel Dieu Hospital in the foreground has undergone a complete renovation in recent years at a cost of several million dollars. The newest phase to be complete is the Sisters’ residence and chapel shown in the left foreground, developed at a cost approaching the $1,000,000 mark. The background shows the Viscount Motor Hotel, fronting Ouellette Ave., where a $1,800,000 expansion to provide 125 additional motel rooms in the 18 storey tower is well under way along with decked parking facility and large meeting hall space. Bell Telephone, immediately to the left of the Viscount, is planning a major expansion to its service facilities. The view above looks south on Ouellette Ave., which is the main thoroughfare into downtown Windsor and to Detroit.

Ambassador Bridge

An interesting shot of an early University of Windsor campus. This likely date to the mid 1960’s as both Cody Hall (1961) and the addition to Electa Hall (1962) are visible in the photo.

From the back of the card:


A 4 lane expressway route connecting all Michigan and Ontario expressways – 1 3/4 miles long. Bring your camera – park a moment – snap the beautiful view!

The Art Gallery of Windsor Needs Your Help…

In the public interest of keeping things that make Cities interesting running, the most recent worry turns towards the Art Gallery.

Funding for quality of life? Only with a huge fight…

Funding for a new area on the far end of the city, who’s main tenant is a private business? No problem.



New Frontier Motel

An old postcard, this one was postmarked in 1988, but I’m fairly sure it’s much older than that.

Anyone have any memories of this place?

From the back of the card:

Featuring 121 Modern Air-Conditioned Units. T.V., Radio, Telephones, Wall to Wall Broadloom in every room. Furnished in Early American Style. Dining Room and Coffee Shop, Swimming Pool. Banquet Rooms. COnvention Facilities.

869 Mill St. at Huron Line.

Located on No. 3 Highway, at foot of Ambassador Bridge

Tel. 254-3771
WINDSOR, Ontario, Canada

Walkerside Dairy

Ad from the Border Cities Star – December 31, 1926.

This version of the Walker Farms were established around 1904, taking over from the earlier farm that was located at Walker & Tecumseh. As you may recall the manager’s house was demolished a few years back.

This farm was located around today’s EC Row and Central area. Part of the farm was severed in 1920 to create the Walker Airport (today’s underused Windsor Airport). The dairy farm closed in 1946.

There is a good history of the farm here at the Walkerville Times archives.

As pointed out in the Walkerville Times article, the only remain trace, can be found behind some industrial buildings on Deziel Drive.

A trace of the road that once connected some dairy buildings is still visible.

Royal Windsor Apartments

From that grand plan, we did get 2/3 of it built, sadly the garage was pulled down some time ago, and only the apartment building survives to this day.

An ad for the garage from 1937.

The apartment building however, is one of the architecturally pleasing buildings in the city.

I’m happy at least this part survived.

Have a good weekend everyone, see you back on here on Monday.