TD Bank Site

November 28, 2008 9

Photo c. John Stefani Demolition got serious on the TD Bank site last week while I was away on vacation. In my absence I asked […]

Tick Tock…

November 27, 2008 15

The death fences are up, and the clock is ticking down on the old Prince of Wales public school. Once a key part of the […]

Blog Awards and Photo Shows…

November 25, 2008 4

2008 CANADIAN BLOG AWARDS It’s time once again for the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards. As you know, International Metropolis was the runner up last year […]

Calendar Sales

November 24, 2008 0

Heh… Looks like I initally forgot to actually put up the rest of the details… Sorry about that, I was out of town for the […]

News for the Weekend

November 21, 2008 1

I was passed along this information and asked to post it. This Sunday at Assumption Church, there will be a full Latin Tridentine Mass. While […]

Dresser Electric

November 20, 2008 14

Another long lost Windsor manufacturer is up today, listed in this 1965 advertisement as “Canada’s fastest growing manufacturer of electrical products”. Just another sad reminder […]


November 19, 2008 10

When I was scouting the city last year looking for buildings to include in my exhibition on modern architecture, I came across this tire shop […]

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