All gone…

June 29, 2008 4

Today, Sunday June 29th, the BMO was/is being demolished. Par for the course for a City that has no planning vision… Photos tomorrow.

Bank Update…

June 27, 2008 3

I have driven by the site a few tmes this AM in anticipation of demolition… As of 12:30 there is still no action. A bulldozer […]

Death Fences

June 27, 2008 18

A good sign that time’s up for a building comes, once you see the death fences pop up. They appeared magically around the Bank of […]

Hoa Viet

June 26, 2008 23

This oriental grocery store on Wyandotte St. W. between Bruce and Church is one of those buildings in town with a secret past. As featured […]

Hugh Beaton School

June 25, 2008 8

Located on the corner of Lens and Windermere in south Walkerville, is this grand old school. Built in 1928 by the local firm of Nichols, […]


June 24, 2008 8

You know that summer has truly arrived in Windsor and Detroit when the fireworks shoot off. Originally planned to coincide with the International Freedom Festival, […]

Blue Bell Motel

June 23, 2008 3

Located at 2701 Huron Church Rd. is the recently closed Blue Bell Motel. A long time fixture along Huron Church, the owners recently retired and […]

When will the madness end…

June 20, 2008 21

Time’s up! It’s hard to believe that there’s still things left in this city to tear down, but here’s another one… So, see you later […]

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