So Long It’s Been Good To Know Ya…

So I have no idea why this demolition went down on a Sunday morning of a long weekend, but it seems awfully stinky to me.

The demolition contractor closed the curb lane of southbound Walker, and methinks that they didn’t have a permit to close the street. But hey, that’s what Sunday mornings are for… No pesky City workers around to point out small problems like that… Hey look in the bucket, there goes one of the columns…
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Bank Update…

I have driven by the site a few tmes this AM in anticipation of demolition…

As of 12:30 there is still no action.

A bulldozer is parked on site, as are three union gas trucks.

It looks like the gas meter has just been removed (Union Gas Employees were working on at at about 10:00 am), and they are still preparing the site for demolition.

If anyone is in the area keep an eye open, and let us know if there is any action…

Death Fences

A good sign that time’s up for a building comes, once you see the death fences pop up. They appeared magically around the Bank of Montreal Building on Wednesday afternoon. I kept watch on Thursday to see what would happen, and by the end of the day the heavy machinery had started to arrive on site. I imagine that today’s the day she bites the dust…

Someone has written on the building in what appears to be chalk…

“Please don’t demo”
“Save Windsor’s History”

Good too see that others are angry enough about the needless demolition to protest in their own way…

Hoa Viet

This oriental grocery store on Wyandotte St. W. between Bruce and Church is one of those buildings in town with a secret past.

As featured in the December 31, 1929 issue of the Windsor Star, the building began life as a Nash Dealership.

Other than some relatively small changes to the fenestration, the building looks remarkably similar to how it did when it was built in 1929.

Hugh Beaton School

Located on the corner of Lens and Windermere in south Walkerville, is this grand old school. Built in 1928 by the local firm of Nichols, Sheppard & Masson, sadly this building also received the same half assed window replacement that Walkerville C.I. also received.

This big three story building ended up very different from the original plans… Why things changed so dramatically, I have no idea…

From the Border Cities Star – May 22, 1928

Above a sketch of the new Walkerville public school which will be under construction by the end of July.

The Building is of the one-storey type, and will have 11 classrooms besides combined auditorium and gymnasium, teacher’s room, dentist and nurses’ quarters, showers and toilets.

The plans and specifications are being made by the firm of Nichols, Sheppard & Masson, architects, who have been commissioned to have them ready by July 1, so that tenders may be called on that date.

The structure will be of brick, decorated with stone work, and fireproof throughout.

It will be located on Lens Avenue, on Windermere Road, and is to cost approximately $160,000 (approx. $2,037,333 in 2008). The Walkerville school board selected the one-storey type of building over several other designs with the view of the economy, as it does away with the necessity of expensive excavation.


Also a reminder that tonight is our monthly blogger meetup, so if you’re interested, feel free to drop by Taloola Café on Devonshire Rd. in old Walkerville. We meet up around 7:00-7:30 or so, and they usually last until about 10:00 pm or so.


You know that summer has truly arrived in Windsor and Detroit when the fireworks shoot off. Originally planned to coincide with the International Freedom Festival, this was the 50th annual installment of the local celebration.

Although the IFF has gone the way of the dodo bird, killed off by Windsor City Council a few years back, the fireworks live on, although this year on a Monday as opposed to the usual Wednesday. This was done to coincide with the end of the River Days Festival in Detroit. On the Windsor side, the Summerfest (the replacement to the IFF) is just getting underway.

Enjoy the photos if you missed it, or if you’re one of the many out of towners/former residents who check in…

Blue Bell Motel

Located at 2701 Huron Church Rd. is the recently closed Blue Bell Motel.

A long time fixture along Huron Church, the owners recently retired and sold out to the Ministry of Transportation, who bought the place up for the future border road expansion.

The attached motel was the first to close, followed by the restaurant a few months later.

As you can see there was a subsantial chunk of property to go along with the business. I’m sure they made out alright.

When will the madness end…

Time’s up!

It’s hard to believe that there’s still things left in this city to tear down, but here’s another one…

So, see you later Christ The King. Built in 1954, it’s outlived it’s use in a little more than 50 years. I’m sure that’s not what the parishioners who built this church had in mind. South Windsor sure is a victim of changing demographics too…

Looking back on this post on Christ The King from September, it looks like George hit the nail on the head. :)