Cadillac Street

So the East Windsor Co-generation plant, that is being built beside the Albert Kahn designed Ford Power House is progressing. In the meanwhile, they have been buying up the houses along Cadillac Street, and knocking them down. This multi-colored cinderblock duplex was at the south end of Cadillac. This great …

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Tilt Shift

There is an interesting technique (at least I think so…) of selective focus, that can be applied to a photo in such a manner that it makes it appear that you are looking at a minature model. Similar to a model train landscape… It is known as Tilt Shift Miniature …

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Foundry Update

Today’s photos come courtesy of Darren, who’s been keeping watch for us on the Ford Foundry demolition. The photos below are displayed in chronological order, and were taken at various times over the last month.

Looking North

A different view, looking north up Ouellette Ave. A few recent post subjects can be seen in this photo. On the right hand side are both the Masonic Temple, and the HMCS Hunter, and on the other side of Ouellette a little further up is Anderson’s Funeral Home. From this …

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