End Of The Line

March 31, 2008 17

This weekend saw the end of the line for the Mother’s/Joker’s complex. The front cuved entrance came down about 10:30 am on Saturday.

Ghost Road

March 25, 2008 45

Once upon a time, South Cameron Ave. ran all the way Tecumseh Rd. near the Michigan Central Train Station to Howard Avenue and Kenilworth Race […]

801 Ouellette Demolition

March 24, 2008 26

Back over to Ouellette and Elliott where the building eaters went to work Friday afternoon. They started on the south side of the building on […]


March 21, 2008 3

Don’t forget to check this out tomorrow if you don’t have any plans: ——————————————————- WINDSOR: PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE On Saturday, March 22 come out […]

Essex Dairies

March 20, 2008 7

A recent postcard find is this double shot of the Essex Dairies Buildings located in Essex. Does anyone recognize any of these buildings? Are they […]

More Aquarama

March 19, 2008 1

Once again a huge thank you to Bernie & John for digging into Bernie’s collection and coming up with a pair of beauties. Both these […]

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