Pasadena Apartments

It’s been a while since I have featured any older Apartment Buildings on the site, and as anyone who drives around the city knows, that’s one thing were not in short supply of in Windsor.

This one is one of my personal favouites. Located at 1424 Wyandotte St. E. the Pasadena Apartments were built around 1915-1920, when the rest of this stretch of Wyandotte St. started to boom.

There are great architectural elements on this building (even the iron balconette survived!), and other than the remuddling of the ground floor retail space, the building is in great condition. From the outside it looks good, anyone ever been inside?

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  1. Next time you are up Giles, just west of Ouellette, check out the Granada apartments, built in the mid 1920s. You want to talk about mint, this is it. And the interior is reasonably original too. The owner does a great job with that building. You could tell it was very high end apartment living in its day, and presumably still is one of the better places to rent downtown.

  2. Yes, I was inside once – at least 12 years ago. It wasn’t very nice. Years of neglect. Maybe it’s better now?

  3. I’ve been inside. A friend of mine lived there roughly 15 years ago, I went to a party or two at his place. My memories are a little foggy but I don’t recall it being anything special on the inside. Actually, it was on the more dingy and grungy side back in those days (early/mid-90s).

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