Elsmere Followup

If you’ll remeber back on March 13th, I covered two houses on Elsmere that were destined to become parking lots for Erie Street.

I drove by last week and noticed that they had been stripped of their siding and railings, and were prepped for demolition.

I drove by again the other day, and nothing remained but two holes in the ground. At least the tree appears safe for now, and kudos to whoever decided to salvage the metal off the buildings. I’m not sure if it was the City’s initiative or the contractor’s but at least they kept some of the needless demolition of these two perfectly good houses out of the landfill.

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  1. By tearing down houses to make way for parking lots the city is mortgaging its’ very future for the sake of a few motorists. I’ve never been so disappointed and disgusted with my hometown.

  2. I wonder if, in the past, Flint, MI was tearing down houses in favour of parking lots, just before everyone had to leave.

  3. george this is just indicative of this city. They cannot see 1 year ahead of them let alone 8-10. NOW is the only that is real to them just look at the Bog Box store BS that is going to be put up near Ojibway. Yet this city whines that they don’t have money to pay for infrastructure they already have…nothing like flogging yourself to death (you can determine which “flogging” I mean. It can go either way….)

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