Paulin Memorial

September 28, 2007 4

At my opening reception, I was speaking with Architect Doug Johnson, of Johnson-McWhinnie. He told me that of all the buildings in the show, I […]

Christ The King

September 27, 2007 8

Add Christ the King at the corner of Dominion & Grand Marais to the list of vacant Catholic Churches. This place was built in a […]

Turkish Scrap

September 26, 2007 26

A long time fixture on the Great Lakes, and even longer as a tied up hulk on Windsor’s West Side, the S.S. Aquarama, is nearing […]

Bye-Bye Cat House

September 25, 2007 22

Not sure if you remember last year there was an article about a house that had been abandoned, and was full of cats? The Humane […]

RIP Slumpy – 1893 -2007

September 24, 2007 2

As I posted the last weekend, Ol’ Slumpy over in Detroit, finally met the bulldozer. It’s sad that there is such a general disregard for […]

Tecumseh Transit

September 21, 2007 5

Here’s a rare one from the Bernie Drouillard collection. Believe it or not, but Tecumseh had regional transit for the first six months of 1986. […]

839 Assumption

September 20, 2007 27

The four pictures in today’s post to me sum up everything that’s wrong with this city. When I see moronic renovations like this it makes […]

801 & 819 Ouellette

September 19, 2007 29

Recently news came out that the two properties at 801 and 819 Ouellette were sold, and are being prepared for demolition. I went out and […]

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