Courtney Motel

Here’s another one from my postcard collection. This Motel was on Huron Church Rd. 1.5 miles from the Bridge. Postcard dates to the late 1940’s. Another piece of lost Windsor.

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    I wonder if this is the same motel, after more than a few renos over the years, and presumably a name change or two.

    The location is about right. And it is possible the peaked roof and extra units to the north were added years later, and that the little cottage-office was torn down in the process.

  2. Next time I’m at the WPL Main I’ll check the old city directories. Unless there was a numbering change along Huron Church road since those days….?

  3. What about the Sandwich West annexation in the ’60s? (It was the ’60s right?) That brought with it no particular changes in the numbering on Huron Church road in that area?

  4. There`s no way it`s not the Bestway. I drive that road every day, and knew it was still standing as soon as I saw it. I looked it up on street view and sure enough, Bestway fits the bill.

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