Tecumseh DUR Station

June 29, 2007 3

Last Friday, I posted two old Postcards, one of which was a view of the Tecumseh DUR Station and the streetcar loop. Bernie chimed in […]


June 28, 2007 1

So this year I decided to hit the fireworks with my wife, we went Mike Beauchamp style, on two wheels. Easy in, easy out… The […]

Bird’s Eye View – 1928

June 27, 2007 3

Here’s one of my favourite old Windsor Postcards. This one dates to 1928, and was taken from the roof of the Norton Palmer, and is […]

The Lanc’s New Home

June 26, 2007 4

So after the long trip from Jackson Park to the Mall at the end of April, the Lanc has made its way to the airport […]

A Pair Of Old Postcards

June 22, 2007 12

Here’s a pair of old postcards, I’ve been meaning to post for a while. This one is looking south on Chilver from Niagara. That’s the […]

John Campbell School Saved!

June 21, 2007 10

As is rarely the case, today International Metropolis is pleased to present GOOD NEWS for a change. In a complete change of direction from what […]

Doty Place

June 20, 2007 5

Probably one of the shortest streets in the City (that would be interesting to find out what the shortest street actually is), Doty Place was […]

Message Board?

June 19, 2007 7

I’ve noticed recently that more and more new arrivals are leaving comments on very old posts that probably receive little traffic. If a comment or […]

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