Frozen Herb

January 31, 2007 2

For whatever reason, I hadn’t noticed this newish sculputre of Herb Gray in Dieppe Park until the other day. Afternearly 40 years in service, I […]


January 30, 2007 9

This west side Barber Shop has been around for a long, long time. The popular Twig & Berries A bookstore on the West Side near […]


January 29, 2007 1

I have to give props to dETROITfUNK, who’s excellent b&w series on the Rouge last Thursday, was the inspiration for today’s entry. One of my […]

Suburban Renewal

January 25, 2007 3

This old house in St. Clair Beach sat for years on the north west corner of Brighton Rd and Tecumseh Rd, the photo above was […]

Downtown – 1957

January 24, 2007 10

I recently came across this neat old postcard from 1957. There are several things that jump out at me in this card… On the north […]

Brighton Beach – Part 2

January 23, 2007 21

Today we head back to Brighton Beach for a return visit to what once was. As each year has passed, the number of homes has […]

Welcome Spacing Readers

January 22, 2007 0

I would like to welcome and say hello to all the readers headed my way from Sean over at Spacing. For my regular readers, Spacing […]

Brighton Beach – Part 1

January 21, 2007 11

As I promised last Wednesday, here is part one of my Brighton Beach photos over the last six years. The old Bronson’s Tavern. Formerly the […]

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