The Ultimate Sacrifice

May 10, 2006 3

This past Friday May 5th, Senior Constable John Atkinson, 37, a 15-year veteran of the Windsor Police, became the first member in the force’s 120 […]

Dougall Avenue Overpass

May 8, 2006 0

Today’s PDJ is not really an exciting or terribly intersting subject, but it is notable. From an engineering perspective this bridge was quite a feat. […]

1700 West Fort Street

May 7, 2006 0

Another beauty along Fort Street. This one is just west of 10th St. A very hansome and large brick building. A little digging on this […]

Sorry… I was away.

May 6, 2006 1

For anyone that missed my posts of late I’m sorry. I was out of town for a couple of days on business in Toronto. I […]

Detroit Elevator Company

May 2, 2006 6

This is one that has always interested me. Does anyone know the history of the Detroit Elevator Company? Located on Franklin Street, the name always […]

Rivertown – Then and Now

May 1, 2006 3

Then being 2003. Wow has this place been decimated lately. It’s crazy, urban praries by the river. Franklin Street – 2003 Franklin Street – 2006

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