On the North West coner of Gilles and Ouellette is the Mid-Century Firestone Garage.

“irestone”, not sure when the “F” vanished, it wasn’t that long ago.

The soaring roofline of this building is unique in the City of Windsor.

The rear garage bays.

A full view of the building.

The neon sign is even lit up still at night, well for the most part at least.

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  1. I remember whenn it was a beautiful brick house with a large veranda and a massive tulip tree which was amazing in the spring. There was quite i fuss about the tree being cut down . If you look at old pistures of parades to the Cenetaph when it was at Giles , sometimes you can see the old house.

  2. This was our home for many years. My father’s clinic was on the main floor and we lived in the 2 upper levels. It was sold to Firestone approximately 1955. The sod and trees were sold to a landscaper when the house was sold. The house was not even for sale but Firestone approached my father. I remember the parades on Ouellette and to the Cenotaph very well. The May Day parade was the big one. The parades started at Jackson Park and went all the way to the foot of Ouellette Ave. The Supertest station was kitty corner. The Cenotaph was taken apart and moved to City Hall Square.

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