RIP Chappell House

With great sadness, I opened the paper yesterday morning to read the news that one of Windsor’s last remaining prohibition era roadhouses has suffered a devistating fire over the weekend. Currently operating as the President’s Club “Adult Entertainment” lounge, in a former life it was known as Rum Runners, home …

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Palace Cleaners

This building at Jefferson and Manistique caught my eye the other day. If not for the old Gas Station look, at least for the mystery of why the building is adorned with the letter “N”. So, I had an associate check out the history in his collection of city directories. …

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Kung Food

This building, with one of my all time favorite signs is located on East Jefferson near Concord, a few blocks from the Belle Isle Bridge. Does anyone remeber anything about this place? When it was open? What the food was like?

Casa Del Mara

Located on Ouellette Ave., is one of my favorite buildings in the City of Windsor. The Casa Del Mara appartment building is a classic pre-depression design. While there are many Spanish Revival influenced on Detroit, this one is a one off in Windsor. Nice detailing surrounding the front door. A …

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On the North West coner of Gilles and Ouellette is the Mid-Century Firestone Garage. “irestone”, not sure when the “F” vanished, it wasn’t that long ago. The soaring roofline of this building is unique in the City of Windsor. The rear garage bays. A full view of the building. The …

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Bridge To Nowhere

So a few years ago Windsor City Council decided that the city was being choked by the lack of road crossings over Little River. There are only two main crossings – Riverside Dr. and Tecumseh Rd. Tecumseh was designed to handle the high volumes of traffic, but Riverside isn’t. However, …

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Vanity Ballroom

To the corner of Jefferson & Newport for today’s Photo Du Jour. Built in 1929 and designed by one of Detroit’s most important Art Deco architects, Charles N. Agree. Agree also designed the Belcrest & Whittier Hotels, as well as the Grande Ballroom, he also designed many movie theaters, many …

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