RIP Chappell House

May 30, 2006 14

With great sadness, I opened the paper yesterday morning to read the news that one of Windsor’s last remaining prohibition era roadhouses has suffered a […]

Palace Cleaners

May 29, 2006 5

This building at Jefferson and Manistique caught my eye the other day. If not for the old Gas Station look, at least for the mystery […]

Kung Food

May 26, 2006 2

This building, with one of my all time favorite signs is located on East Jefferson near Concord, a few blocks from the Belle Isle Bridge. […]

Casa Del Mara

May 25, 2006 3

Located on Ouellette Ave., is one of my favorite buildings in the City of Windsor. The Casa Del Mara appartment building is a classic pre-depression […]


May 24, 2006 2

On the North West coner of Gilles and Ouellette is the Mid-Century Firestone Garage. “irestone”, not sure when the “F” vanished, it wasn’t that long […]

Bridge To Nowhere

May 23, 2006 3

So a few years ago Windsor City Council decided that the city was being choked by the lack of road crossings over Little River. There […]

Vanity Ballroom

May 17, 2006 2

To the corner of Jefferson & Newport for today’s Photo Du Jour. Built in 1929 and designed by one of Detroit’s most important Art Deco […]

Yorktown Square

May 15, 2006 6

Located in South Windsor, this neon sign is a throw back to the early days of the plaza.

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