Alicia Mason Vocational School

Located in Windsor’s near west side, on the corner of University and Cameron is this school building. Designed by Windsor’s pre-eminent mid-century architecture firm Johnson & McWhinnie, Alicia Mason Vocational School was built in 1957. It had been closed for several years as a school, when it was reopened as the Mason Educational Centre for Adult and Continuing Education.

Innovative use of concrete is the building’s most prominent feature.

Simple, clean courses of brick are also a main feature of the building, contrasting with the concrete.

A view along Cameron St.

A detail shot of the scalloped concrete.

A view of the main entrance along Cameron St.

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  1. I remember back in 1970’s when it was a school with only Down syndrome students, or mentally retarded, all i was told about the school was that Alicia Mason was a student with D.S and was a very bright and smart girl and named the school after her. Is that true? Wow i didn’t know the year it was built but i thought it was older then the 50’s…Thanks again Andrew good work ! Did you get more info about king George High school ? I sent you what i knew about it…..take care….

  2. Is Lilly’s comment about where the name Alicia Mason came from true? I have been trying to find out some information about who the school was named for? Do you have any further info about her?


  3. Built in 1957 is incorrect….I went to A.M until 1962, and it was dismantled or perhaps blown up that summer.
    This newer building was erected then.

    I’ve only heard that is was a vocational training school from the beginning of its inception, and Adult training thereafter…..

  4. Hi Andrew,

    I have been researching the history of the Windsor Schools for a few years now. My project is far from completion, but I can provide a few details about the Alicia Mason School. It looks like it was opened during the 1892-93 school year, and the original name was the 6th Ward School. It was renamed the Cameron Avenue School at some point before 1910. Alicia Mason was the Principal there for many years, beginning sometime before 1910 until June 1929. She had also been the Principal at the Mercer Street School from the 1896-97 school year until sometime before 1910. I don’t know if she retired or died following the 1928-29 school year. The school was renamed in her honour some time before the start of the 1947-48 school year. Most of this information came from the City Directories and the Ontario Blue Book School Listings.

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